Welcome to the metallic series

Welcome to the metallic series

From the standout line of gel training gloves exclusively made by Sanabul comes two new color variations that are made from the finest materials and crafted in expert quality.

Sanabul is the leading brand in training equipment that is loved not only by the boxing community but also punching and striking enthusiasts worldwide. The gloves meet the buying specifications needed for a great boxing performance—comfort, material, durability, and overall design.

The two new colors in the selection are Black with  Copper and Black with Metallic Silver. They give a sleek highlight to the gloves, enhancing the design. These new essential training gloves are sure to be striking, both in appearance and performance.

Whether you are new to the sport, or a professional looking for the perfect pair for your next match, Sanabul Essential Gloves are the best for you. Each glove is engineered with an innovative style that makes it a better option than others in the market.

Durasoft Impact Protection Foam. Train harder without straining your hands with the gel-infused design of Sanabul gloves. These ensure comfort and protection so you can train longer.

Performance Engineered Leather construction. The gloves are made with quality leather to ensure breathability and durability, maximizing your performance.

Longitudinal Arch Design. The gloves are atructured with a unique Longitudinal Arch Design that follows the natural curvature of your hand, giving more impact and power to your strikes.

 Secure Velcro Closure System. Lacing takes time, and velcro is the more practical opion. Take your gloves on and off easily with the velcro strap that ensures a more secure fit while training.

 Mesh Palm. While the outer is made from sturdy, impactful leather, the palm side is made with mesh to prevent moisture buildup and provides you a cool and comfortable feel while practicing.

 Take your strikes to the next level with Sanabul Essential Gel Training Gloves n Copper and Metallic Silver. All your buying standards for quality gloves are met by Sanabul, so you never have to look for another. Try Sanabul and experience your best performance yet, and get a great value for your money.

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