Warm-up exercises are effective in loosening muscles and increasing the heart rate. It is good for aerobic activities, blood flow and body temperature. We do warm-ups before and after training to prepare our bodies and minds for the task at hand. Here are some of the best warm-ups for martial arts:
  • Hip rotation exercises help in loosening hip muscles. At work, you have to spend a lot of time at the desk. When driving long distances or just sitting on a couch in your house watching a TV series, you do not notice the damage this causes your hips. Hip rotation exercise is among the best warm-ups for martial arts that you can do. It consists:
    • The travelling butterfly is where you sit on your buttocks with your feet straight, and then push your hips forward towards your heel with your hands.
    • The frog stretch where you lean forward with your hands, bring your knees comfortably apart and rock back and forth.
    • Squatting is also a hip rotation exercise.

Best Warm-Ups for Martial Arts

  • Stretching exercises are some of the best warm-ups for martial arts. Stretching increases flexibility and is also good for muscle joints. Stretching should be gentle and in case of pain, you should stop it immediately.
    • You should hold for at least ten seconds for each stretch and then repeat at least twice.
    • While you stretch the muscles, remember to exhale and relax. Do not strain.
    • You could split your legs apart and rotate your waist or place one leg forward and bend it backwards and forward against the ground.
  • Shadow striking is one of the best warm-ups to be followed for martial arts. It is mostly applied in Karate. Start with keeping your feet together, then lift one leg straight up in a horizontal position and your toes should point up. Now bring the foot back to the starting posture and do the exercise severally. You may feel some pain but it is normal especially for the starters. If the pain is too much, seek medical attention.

Exercise is good for your health. It may help have a skilled personal trainer to help you go through the motions. Sports doctors may also advise regarding the best warm ups for martial-arts.

 The best warm ups for martial-arts