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Classic Mesh Performance Hat

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Sanabul Classic Performance Hat

The ideal hat for sports or casual wear. The clean, subtle design along with technical performance features make this hat the perfect choice for baseball, golf, tennis, running, hiking, spectating or even a gym workout.

• Moisture wicking Sanabul Resorb Performance Fabric

• Rubberized subtle logo

• Adjustable size (one size fits most)


Classic Mesh Performance Hat

They know that you know. One glance of you in the Sanabul Classic Mesh Performance Hat, and people know that you know what it is to be effortlessly cool. The fresh white rubberized Sanabul symbol hovers above the red brim accent on the low profile black performance mesh hat. They might wonder what the symbol represents, but they can tell you are in the know. Is it a secret society?

They glimpse the embroidered white letters spelling Sanabul on the side of the hat as you pass by. Sanabul sounds familiar, but to those uninitiated to the world of modern martial arts it may still be a mystery.

What really matters is that your head and eyes are shaded from the elements by the Sanabul Classic Mesh Performance Hat while you stay cool and comfortable thanks to the mesh Resorb fabric. Whether you are on the trail, boat, field, gym, green, or in the stands, the Sanabul Classic Mesh Performance Hat gives you what you need from a hat while amplifying your personal style.

The specifications include the following:

  • Moisture Wicking Sanabul Resorb Performance Fabric: Effective moisture wicking Resorb fabric assists your body’s natural evaporative process to help keep you cool and dry. You don’t want sweaty head do you? 
  • Adjustable size: Snap back size adjustment allows you to personalize the fit to your head. Fits almost any head.
  • Rubberized Front Logo: The Sanabul Classic Mesh Performance hat features a rubberized white front logo that really pops on the black hat.
  • Red Brim Accent: The red stitching on just the edge of the hat brim projects that cool without even trying vibe that you naturally have.


Can this product make me a better athlete

Only hard work over time can do that. But, the functional, durable design of Sanabul equipment means less time worrying about gear and more time training, so in that way it can help.

Classic Mesh Performance Hat has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 6 reviews.

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