Red Bamboo Myo Combat Shorts - Sanabul
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Red Bamboo Myo Combat Shorts

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  • The Sanabul RedBamboo Myo shorts have an athletic fit and are less baggy than traditional shorts.
  • Velcro closure waistband keeps shorts securely in place
  • 4-way stretch fiber is comfortable and durable
  • UV protection
  • Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth
  • Reinforced flat lock stitching and seam protection

Sanabul Red Bamboo Myo Combat Shorts

These shorts are fully sublimated and created for the modern day user who has keen eye to detail and need for excellence. The graphics are imbedded in the material so the stand out beautifully and will not peel or fade. They will also not cause irritation to the skin on contact. Forget hose traditionally baggy shorts and opt for these close fitting shorts for better comfort and prolonged use. These shorts will maintain their sharp look and operate just as excellently throughout their lifespan.


Velcro closure:

the Velcro closure feature on the waistband will keep this Jiu Jitsu shorts in place throughout the wearing period. With the most engaging activities, this secure fit waist band will keep your shorts exactly in position. This will do a much better job than regular draw strings and provides better convenience to the wearer. The color of your shorts will not fade because the dye for it has been professionally infused into the four-way stretch material.

Sanabul Red Bamboo Myo Combat Shorts

Four-way stretch fiber:

with this breakthrough material, you can be assured of free movement in your shorts without compromising on comfort. This material is comfortable and durable. It is strong enough to handle high use and much pressure. The four-way stretch fiber used in the making of these shorts is thicker than usual and well designed to handle rigorous activity. The athletic cut and flex fittings on the shorts makes sure your range of motion is not inhibited. You can partake of the most scrupulous sport activities with these shorts and have the comfort you deserve.

Sanabul Red Bamboo Myo Combat Shorts

UV protection:

while wearing these shorts, you are protected from the harsh effects of UV rays that can harm or damage the skin. These shorts provide a protection that leave you free to go about your outdoor activities often without nay problems from UV rays.

Antimicrobial treatment:

these shorts undergo antimicrobial treatment which makes them able to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus. There will be lower chance of infection by bacteria or fungus when performing with these shorts.

Sanabul Red Bamboo Myo Combat Shorts

Reinforced flat lock stitching:

the shipping on this shorts is top notch and made to hold and last. You wont have seams falling off or tearing apart no matter how tasking your activities are. You can perform both indoor and outdoor activities in the comfort of these shorts and not have rough seams scratching against your skin and causing irritation. This stitching method is the choice option for added comfort and durability.

These shorts will be long lasting for you to enjoy all the benefits. if you are in search of a good option that will serve in optimum capacity then this is the right option to make. All the aspects and features of these shorts are perfect for the athlete who desires comfort and added protection. The designers have paid close attention to the details of these shorts. From the antimicrobial treatment to the four-way stretch material and the Velcro closure, these shorts are ready for all activities and will last the user a long time too.

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