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Ventilated Mesh Duffel Gym Bag

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  • The Sanabul Mesh Duffel is made from high quality durable mesh and 1200D Cordrua for reinforcement
  • Prevent your gear from stinking
  • The bag has heavy duty zippers and reinforced stitching featured throughout the bag for a longer lifespan
  • Oversize Bag Dimensions: 23" long and can fit all your combat sports gear
  • Standard size Bag Dimensions: 18" long and great for use as a regular size bag that is perfect to hold your boxing gloves, workout clothes and more


Every gym and workout enthusiast always wonder how to carry their workout or gym gear as traditional bags often tend to be less efficient and effective when it comes to such requirement. Why buy something that will end up giving you more headache, go for the Sanabul Mesh Duffel Gym bag. With enough space, the bag enables you to carry all the stuff you require for either the gym or travel.

Sanabul Ventilated Mesh Duffel

The Sanabul Mesh Duffel Gym Bag stands in a class of its own due to the material it is made from and the state of the art design that provide optimum ventilation to all your damp gym gear. The bag also has two pockets on its sides one for holding wet gear and the other for holding dry gear hence providing you with the simplest way of organizing your stuff.


High-quality durable mesh:

To give it a longer lifespan, the designers made the bag from a high-quality durable mesh. On top of that, they reinforced the mesh with a 1200D Cordura making it the perfect bag for holding any kind of stuff for the gym or even for travel.

Sanabul Ventilated Mesh Duffel

Wet and dry pockets:

The bag’s best feature is the wet and dry pockets at both its ends. This gives you the opportunity to separate your dry gear from the wet ones. This helps you prevent staining of other cleaner clothes.


Tthe bag has ventilation all-around that provides enough air circulation for your damp gear to dry quicker and also preventing them from stinking. The ventilation also acts as a process of improving the life span of the bag itself.

Sanabul Ventilated Mesh Duffel

Heavy duty zippers:

The bag’s zippers are made of a strong and firm material for a better and longer life span. On top of that, the bag’s strength is enhanced with an all-round stitching feature. All this design is to give the bag a longer life span.

Available in two dimensions:

The Sanabul mesh duffel gym bag is available in two dimensions; the oversize 23” and the standard size 18”. The standard size bag is perfect for light usage i.e. holding smaller stuff like boxing gloves, gym clothes etc. while the oversize bag is more efficient and spacious as it can carry more workout gear and stuff like Muay Thai or kickboxing shin guards, boxing gloves, Jiu Jitsu Gi, gym accessories and much more. The oversize bag can also be used as a carry-on luggage when traveling.

Sanabul Ventilated Mesh Duffel

This bag is not just any kind of bag it a companion be it when going to and from the gym or when traveling, this bag will always give you the satisfaction you need. So, why not order you a Sanabul Mesh Duffel Gym bag today and enjoy everything it has to offer. This bag is available in three different colors: Space gray, Jet black, and Fiery pink. The bag is also sold at an affordable price, making it an essential part of your gym gear.

Ventilated Mesh Duffel Gym Bag has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 7 reviews.

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