Essential Combat Shorts - Sanabul
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Essential Combat Shorts

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  • High performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MMA rash guard with fully sublimated graphics infused into the fabric so they won't ever fade, peel or irritate the skin
  • Velcro closure waistband keeps shorts securely in place
  • Thicker more durable 4-way stretch fabric is extremely comfortable but allows for uninhibited range of motion for basically any exercise whether its MMA, bjj, wrestling, Cross Training work out of the day, or even surfing
  • Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth. This will help prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections between you and your training partners. It will also extend the life span of the rash guard
  • Reinforced flat lock stitching and seam protection

Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts

The clothes that you wear while surfing, in the gym, or while practicing MMA, grappling or Jiu Jitsu has a significant impact on your performance. Don’t settle for less and buy the Essential Combat Shorts from Sanabul. Made from durable material, the shorts will ensure maximum comfort to make sure that you are able to give your best every single time.

Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts

Unlike traditional shorts that are baggy, the Essential Combat Shorts have an athletic fit. This not just ensures enhanced comfort but also limits the grip for your opponents when you are practicing something like Jiu Jitsu. A unique flat-lock stitching with additional seam protection has been used for creating the shorts to make sure that it lasts for a long duration and continues to maintain its solid build yet comfortable build throughout its life.


4-Way Stretch Material:

The 4-way stretch material used in the construction of shorts ensures maximum comfort while also making sure that your range of motion is not affected in any way. Be it surfing, wrestling, or Jiu Jitsu, you can rest assured that you will experience maximum comfort and convenience. Moreover, the shorts go through an antimicrobial treatment which prevents bacterial and fungal growth.

Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts

Flat-Lock Stitching:

With the help of flat-lock stitching, the seam on these shorts is flat and has a similar appearance on both the sides. Moreover, the stitching is reinforced to add up to the durability and make sure that the shorts are ideal for every rough environment or activities. The seams too are additionally protected to make sure that they do not rip off which is a very common outcome in other shorts which are worn during rigorous physical activities.

Velcro Closure Waistband:

Drawstrings on your shorts can be very annoying. They can be loose at times or be very tight. But unlike most other shorts available on the market, the Essential Combat Shorts feature Velcro closure waistband which ensures enhanced convenience and a secure fit. No matter how rigorous your training is, the shorts are sure to stay in place throughout.

Sanabul Essential Combat Shorts

Lightweight Design:

While the shorts are highly durable and made from a 4-way stretch material, they have a lightweight design. This further enhances your comfort when practicing or enjoying your favorite activities. Moreover, the shorts can be easily washed in cold water and hung for drying. Their lightweight design also ensures that they dry quickly too.

The shorts are carefully designed to make sure that they are able to deliver the desired results in an effective manner. Every single aspect right from the material, stitch, closure, to the overall design has been given equal importance o make sure that the shorts are a perfect companion to every athlete. If you are searching for sports shorts, look no further and order your pair of Essential Combat Shorts today!

The Essential Combat Shorts are available for many different waist sizes and three different colors- Green, Red, and Silver. Reasonably priced, these shorts definitely deserve a spot in your training kit.

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