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Gold Strike Professional Boxing Gloves

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  • It all starts with a desire. Sometimes you desire to be a better you, sometimes you desire to be a better competitor. Sometimes you desire to be the absolute best, to be champion.
  • We started with a hand shaped mould. We crafted ultra premium materials with the utmost attention to detail. Then we finished these masterpieces with a luxurious, yet durable lining. The result is the Sanabul Gold Strike series, fine crafted for champions pursuing greatness. Be the best.
  • Ultra soft 3 layer hand shaped mould
  • Highest Quality Engineered Leather
  • Antimicrobial Sanabul Premium Lining


The courage and skills of a boxer are determined by how well they block and counter the opponents. In order to be the best and defend yourself, you need the right equipment and tools. Boxing may not be the easiest sport to play because it takes immense strength and power to defeat the opponent. A match may prolong for several hours and it will end only when one of the competitors becomes tired and weary, and doesn’t have the energy to fight. It takes many years of practice and perseverance to learn the moves and defense strategies of boxing. Flooring an opponent is one of the best ways of tackling.

There are basically four ways with certain body moves thaty can be executed in boxing. They include: - Jab, upper cut, hook and cross.

Jab is the most common punch used for boxing and it is a known fact that the faster the jab punches, the more relaxing it gets.

Upper cut makes use of shoulder strength rather than the arm for punching. This technique is used to punch the opponent with the palms facing up, and your hips and upper body should rotate when this move is enforced.

The Hook punch is one of the most devastating moves even though it is hard to master. It needs great power and speed; and it uses arms, hips and legs in the correct position to do it rightly.

Cross punch is known to be the most satisfying punch in boxing. By keeping your gloves at your chin, you forward punch the opponent that lands to his rear shoulder.

Well, for all these moves and techniques, the right gloves are needed to protect yourself and to strike your opponent. You may often end up with something that is not comfortable enough to use it for the right punch. Sanabul is here to provide you with the most comfortable and the most Stylish gloves that you can own for just 150 dollars.

The gold Strike glove crafted by Sanabul is one of the most durable, good quality products. It was designed with an eye for detailing, giving it a smooth edge to it. The glove consists of three layers of soft mould to it, which in turn becomes very comfortable to carry it with such ease and perfection. The leather used in this product is of the highest quality, which is perfectly engineered for the users. The anti microbial feature is incorporated in the premium lining of the gold strike glove, making it an incredible product from Sanabul. 

Sanabul not only offers free shipping for all the orders above 50 dollars, but they also make sure that their products are made out of premium quality materials. Since gloves are used daily for practice or for the actual match, they may be exposed to wear and tear and other major damages. Boxing materials should be strong enough to withhold any strikes or attacks and they should also be long-lasting, which Gold Strike Gloves ensure at all times. 

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