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Essential Curved Punching Mitts

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  • Hand-Shaped Mould
  • Santec Ultra Light Foam
  • High quality and durable material is easier to clean and maintain
  • Half Ball Palm Grip
  • Mesh Backing with Adjustable Wrist Strap


If you are an enthusiast of karate, martial arts jiu jitsu or any other similar kind of sports, you must have heard about Sanabul as it is a renowned name in producing high quality products related to these action sports. The speciality of their products is the fact that they are usually manufactured under the strict supervision of highly experienced professionals who personally overlook all the products to ensure their quality and durability. The essential curved punching mitts is a new product recently launched by Sanabul and it comes with the same level of quality and durability that is exhibited by the company in any other product.

The essential curved punching mitts are designed to offer a sturdy grip while being comfortable at the same time. Most of the similar products available in the market are either too rough or too soft but the essential curved punching mitts offered by Sanabul are maintained at the perfect amount of sturdiness in order to facilitate both the wearer as well as the puncher. Some of the most prominent features offered by the product are given below.


Hand shaped mould:

The essential curved punching mitts are available in the form of a mould that is shaped exactly like a hand to offer a better grip as it keeps the mitts from slipping away when they are being punched at.


Santec ultra light foam:

Sanabul is especially known for making comfortable products and the essential curved punching mitts is yet another exhibition of that. They are manufactured using the santec foam which is ultra light and very comfortable for both the holder and the puncher.

Sanabul Essential Punching Mitts

High quality:

The material used in the manufacturing process is performance engineered leather of exceptional quality. It is highly durable and very easy to maintain and clean.

Palm grip:

The mitts incorporate a half ball palm grip that offers ultimate hold and keeps the mitts from getting slipped away while they are being punched at. In other words, they make sure to sustain the possibility of an injury to a minimal level.

Sanabul Essential Punching Mitts

Adjustable wrist strap:

The adjustable wrist strap comes with mesh backing that makes it easier for the wearer to adjust the mitts properly. It also proves to be very useful in keeping the wearer’s hands cool as they increase the breathability of the mitts.

Available colors:

The mitts are available in three different colors including red, yellow and gray.

Sanabul Essential Punching Mitts

In order to summarize, it may be stated that the essential curved punching mitts is a fine product that is recently introduced by Sanabul which is a renowned name in the manufacturing of accessories related to action sports.

These mitts are designed using performance engineered leather with a lot of precision and accuracy to ensure they are at the right level of comfort, safety and quality. If you are an enthusiast of a sports that involves punching, you might want to get a hold of these mitts as you would regret if you prefer something else over this amazing product.

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