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Essential Series Professional Head Gear

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  • Just What You Need: Whether it’s Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Doe, or any other contact sport, Essential Head Gear provides excellent coverage and protection of the face and head while training or sparring. 
  • Tested by Pros, Created For You: Team Sanabul athletes like UFC fighter Alan Jouban put our gear through the toughest training sessions. If it holds up for them, it’ll hold up for you. 
  • Performance Engineered Leather: Our high quality material will stand up to tough use every night of the week, and engineered leather can be easily and quickly cleaned.
  • Built to Absorb Impact: No one wants to take hits. But if you do, our superb Impact-dura shock foam with full face protection will absorb and redistribute hits and 
  • The Perfect Fit: Our hook and loop closure system will keep your gear from coming loose after being hit, causing you to stop training to adjust.



When It Comes to Headgear, Don’t Risk Anything.

If you are interested in any contact sport, you need headgear. No exceptions. Poor quality headgear shouldn’t be an option. Sanabul Essentials Headgear checks all the boxes. Our special impact protection foam means punches and kicks will be redistributed better and bounce off you instead of through you. We’ve also designed all our essential gear with a uniform look, so your kit will have a unified feel. And all at a value that you can’t pass on.


Built For Impacts, Made for Value


Sanabul uses high quality engineered leather, which is lighter and far easier to clean and maintain than animal leather. It has the feel and classic durability of traditional headgear, but has far better value for beginners who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. 


The Sanabul Difference


Sanabul works closely with professional fighters from the world of MMA and Boxing. Our athletes regularly give their feedback on design, features, and how they like to use equipment. We take all of this knowledge and put it back into our ever growing library of products. Vetted by professionals. 

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