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Core 7 oz Hybrid Gloves

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  • One of the most versatile gloves you can find on the market. The Sanabul Core Series Advanced 7oz MMA Sparring glove is great for mixed martial arts training when you want to seamlessly transition between grappling and striking without having to change gloves
  • Performance Engineered Leather construction. High quality and durable material is easier to clean and maintain
  • Durasoft Impact Protection Foam. Impact protection foam provides superb protection and softness to help prevent injury to your hands while training
  • Secure Hook and Loop Closure System. Ensures a secure fit for training while making the gloves easy to put on or take off
  • Customers please note these gloves are intended for MMA sparring training, we do not recommend using these gloves for PUNCHING BAGS.  Some customers have used them for cardio kickboxing, krav maga or punch mitt training but you have to be experienced and very careful

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