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Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Rash Guard

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  • Just What You Need: Sanabul Essentials is all about form, style, and value. Our rash guards sport a clean style with bold colors, and all the features you need to stay clean and perform better on the mats. 
  • A Brand For Champions: Whether it’s the iconic Sanabul look, or the professional quality, you’ll see the Sanabul name on many professional athletes. From hall of famers like Micheal Bisping, to hot prospects like “Sugar” Sean O’Malley.
  • Multi Sport Use: Whether it’s rolling in jiu-jitsu or hitting the bags in kickboxing, rash guards are simply the best option for staying cleaner and performing better. And with SPF 50 protection, you can even take your rashie outside for surfing or biking.
  • The Cleanest Option: Cotton shirts on the mat are a bad idea. They don’t breathe and retain too much moisture. But going shirtless is also a bad idea, especially if you‘re going to be in contact with others. Sanabul rash guards are treated with anti-microbial and anti-odor agents. They will stay dryer and cleaner than “regular” rash guards, extending their life and lowering your risk of infections.
  • Form and Function: These rash guards look great, but experienced students will appreciate the little details. Ventilated mesh in the underarms will help release body heat. Four way stretch material will keep you comfortable in any range of motion.


We designed the Essentials rash guard to meet the high standards of a professional. The color and patterns are embedded into the very material for high quality appearance and performance. The design will never chaff, peel or fade.



Even the most looked after mat is still a hub of bacteria. Staying dry and clean can be difficult, but Sanabul is doing it’s part by treating all of our Essentials rash guards with anti-microbial and anti-order agents. They will give your clothing a fighting chance of staying clean until you can get them into a washer.


Overheating during training can be a real issue when you wear rash guards that trap your body heat. Essential Rash Guards have a unique mesh under the arms that will help you stay cool. This added feature may seem small but it makes a big difference during training.


Take your style out of the gym. This rash guard will protect you from UV rays with a protection of SPF of up to 50. Prolonged and repeated exposure to UV rays is harmful to the skin and the body as whole. Our customers often use Essentials rash guards for everything from surfing, hiking, or biking.


Some rash guards are so tight, they literally can constrict your blood flow when you need it most. The four-way stretch material used to make this rash guard is top notch and high technology. The freedom of movement it provides is the best option for your high impact activities. This feature adds graduated compression in the arms and the upper torso of the rash guard improving blood flow through the muscles when worn.

This rash guard is approved for competition by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF). Getting stopped at the uniform check station isn’t the way you want to start a tournament. We double and triple checked the latest rulebook to make sure you’ll make it past the stingiest official.

Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Rash Guard has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 55 reviews.

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