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Cedar Deodorizer for Boxing Gloves and Sports Gear

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  • A must have for boxing gloves, shoes, gym bags, and more
  • Helps absorb moisture and stink caused by sweat
  • Non-toxic natural cedar scent. No added chemicals or synthetic fragrances
  • Reduces odor and extends the life of your products
  • Perfect for boxing and kickboxing equipment, shoes, gym bags, cars, and much more

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

You know the smell, sweaty gym gear, musty locker room. It can be anywhere from funky to straight up gross and it lurks in equipment that gets hot and sweaty but cannot be thoroughly washed and dried after each use. Gloves and shoes tend to stink the most, but it happens to shin guards, knee pads, gym bags, all types of exercise and training gear.

Sanabul has a quick, easy, affordable solution for you, the  Cedar Deodorizer. The all natural, non-toxic cedar fill absorbs moisture from sweat so it doesn’t stay trapped in your gear. Cedar has antibacterial and antifungal properties so the sweat doesn’t become stink as it evaporates. Instead of stench, you get a pleasant, mild cedar aroma in your gear.


Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizers come as a pair and are tethered together by a Sanabul embroidered strap making them easy to hang, and hard to lose. This feature also keeps boxing gloves together so you’re less likely to accidentally leave a glove at home on your way to training, or spend extra time digging for one in a large gear bag.



Absorbs moisture and stink caused by sweat:

The natural cedar fill in the Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer give it the ability to absorb moisture from your sports gear leaving it fresh, dry, and ready for next use. In so doing the deodorizer prevents the moisture from accumulating and making your sports gear stink. This also prevents fungal and bacterial growth in your shoes, boxing gloves, and other sports gear.

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Extends the life of sports equipment:

Training gear eventually wears out, but often it stops being useful before breaking down due to odor and mildew. Don’t let fungal and bacterial odor cut short the life of your gear. Protect your gloves, shoes, shin guards, gear bags and other equipment with the Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer to prolong their lives.


It is natural and non-toxic:

The Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer is made of natural cedar fill. It contains no toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances that may cause harm to you or your health. Your skin can absorb chemicals right into your bloodstream, especially when you sweat, so safe and nontoxic is what you want for a glove deodorizer.

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Multiple areas of application:

This deodorizer is not only meant for use in sports gear but can also be used in cars and other products that absorb moisture or require some kind of scenting. Basically, Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer is perfect for boxing and kickboxing equipment, shoes, gym bags, cars and most any other object that gets damp and smelly.

Don’t be the stinky person at your gym, make sure your training partners are avoiding your punches, not just the smell of your gloves. Order you Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer today!!


Well, it’ll stink less, but its still important to clean yourself and your gear regularly. See our care and handling tips if you aren’t sure how to clean a piece of gear, don’t go throwing your shin guards in the dishwasher!.

Only hard work over time can do that. But, the functional, durable design of Sanabul equipment means less time worrying about gear and more time training, so in that way it can help.

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