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Cedar Deodorizer for Boxing Gloves and Sports Gear

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  • A must have for boxing gloves, shoes, gym bags, and more
  •  Helps absorb moisture and stink caused by sweat
  • Non-toxic natural cedar scent. No chemicals or synthetic fragrances
  • Reduces odor and extends the life of your products
  • Perfect for boxing and kickboxing equipment, shoes, gym bags, cars, and much more

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Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Sports gear like boxing gloves, shoes, gym bags tends to absorb moisture that comes from sweat after you have done your practices or any sporting activity. This sweat or moisture may accumulate over time, making your sporting gear stink. Hence making you start dodging people at the gym or even being afraid of putting on or keeping your sports gear next to others. But, this should not be a problem anymore, get yourself Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer to do the job for you.

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer has the ability to absorbs the moisture from sweat, that causes your boxing gloves and other Sports Gear to have an odor. Giving you the courage to not only continue with your sporting activities but also get to enjoy the company of your fellow sportsmen. The best part about Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer is that it is all natural and non-toxic, and because of this you won’t be worried about your personal safety health wise.


Absorbs moisture and stink caused by sweat:

The material used in the making of this Deodorizer give it the ability to absorb moisture absorbed by your sports gear after a sporting activity hence leaving it dry in the perfect condition. In so doing the deodorizer prevents the moisture from accumulating and making your sports gear to stink. This also prevents fungal and bacterial growth in your shoes, boxing gloves, and other sports gear.

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Reduces odor and Extends your sports gear’s life:

In case you sport equipment and gear have started to stick then Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer will come in handy. It has a been made with a natural cedar scent that will eliminate the odor that is presently on your sports gear and give it a whole new pleasant smell. On top of that, the Deodorizer helps keep your products new and in the perfect condition by doing away with moisture that may bring about molds and fungus that may destroy your sports products.

It is natural and non-toxic:

The Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer is made of a natural cedar scent. Meaning, it is not made of toxic any chemicals or synthetic fragrances that may cause harm to you or your health. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the result or side effects of using this deodorizer. You are safe.

Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer

Has got multiple areas of application:

This deodorizer is not only meant for use in sports gear but can also be used in cars and other products that absorb moisture or require some kind of scenting. Basically, Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer is perfect for boxing and kickboxing equipment, shoes, gym bags, cars and other products that you see fit.

This deodorant is a perfect tool for those who engage in heavy sporting activities and are active most of the time. Its perfect design is aimed towards enabling it to give you the satisfaction you want and be you companion in your everyday life. Its cedar scent also gives it that natural smell that everyone loves hence making you stand out among friends and sportsmen. Why waste the chance? Order you Sanabul Cedar Deodorizer today!!

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