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Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

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  • The Sanabul Hybrid Gym bag was designed to be the most versatile bag on the market
  • This bag can take a beating
  •  The Sanabul Hybrid Duffle bag can be used as a duffle bag, shoulder bag or as a backpack
  • Keep your dirty gear separate
  • Great for travel
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    Sanabul Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

    Have a bag that can be a backpack and a duffle bag but also be efficient enough to carry all your gym gear and traveling stuff, sound too good to be true but also fun. The Sanabul hybrid Duffle Backpack-bag serves all these functions. With its start of the art design, this bag can be used as a duffle bag, shoulder bag or backpack. The bag is also made of a military grade material that gives it strength and high performance.

    Sanabul Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

    Military grade material:

    the use of the high-grade Ballistic 1200D Cordura in the construction of the bag makes it one of the high performances bags in the market. Then high-quality nylon material also gives the bag a longer lifespan and durability. On top of that, it gives the bag that classy and unique fashion texture, feel and appeal.

    Sanabul Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

    Duffel and backpack:

    the makes of the bag don’t choose for you whether to go for a duffle bag or backpack. You get to make the choice on your own. The bag is well designed and equipped with an adjustable bubble foam padded shoulder straps that can be smoothly tucked away when not being used. And through this artistic design, the Sanabul Hybrid Duffle Backpack-bag can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag or even as a duffle bag.

    Sanabul Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

    Dirty gear separated:

    the bag has a separate compartment made of molded mesh that can hold all the damp and dirty gear. The compartment has got ventilation that comes in handy after training as the gear kept in it can dry much faster and prevent them from stinking. And also preventing your dirty gear from mixing with or dirtying your clean or dry gear.

    Sanabul Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

    Travel Features:

    the bag's design gives it a unique travel feature, where it is equipped with convenient pockets all over it that can hold your stuff like keys, phone, phone charger, wallet, toiletries and much more when traveling. On top of that, the most exciting thing is that these pockets can be locked with your normal travel locks. This will ensure the security of your stuff.

    Sanabul Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag

    This artistic design of this bag makes it every gym enthusiast’s or traveler’s dream bag, a bag that serves your like it knows you in person. Get you the Sanabul Hybrid Duffle Backpack-back today and save yourself the worry and stress brought by other low-performance bags. The bag comes in a black color and also sold at a reasonable price hence making it affordable to all.

    Hybrid Duffel Backpack-Bag has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

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