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Mesh Backpack

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  • The Sanabul Mesh Backpack was designed to be the best backpack for all your workout gear. 
  • Made from high quality durable mesh and 1200D Cordrua for reinforcement
  • Prevent your gear from stinking
  • Great for travel
  • The bag has heavy duty zippers and reinforced stitching featured throughout the bag for a longer lifespan


Sometimes all you need is a lightweight and simple bag to carry your workout gear and even light clothes for travel. A bag that is designed with enough space to carry all the gear and accessories you require for training and workout. That is where Sanabul Mesh Backpack comes in handy. The bag is made large enough to carry training gear such as MMA gloves, Boxing gloves and other minor accessories that you may require.
What makes this bag a delight is its high-quality durable mesh that provides enough ventilation for you training gear after training hence preventing them from stinking. The bag also comes in handy during travels, as is gives enough room for you to pack your clothes for a light travel.


High-quality durable mesh:

Sanabul Mesh Backpack it made of a very strong and firm material designed into a mesh to give it a longer lifespan and prevent cases of tearing. On top of that, the mesh is reinforced with a 1200D Cordrua that gives it extra durability.

Sanabul Mesh Backpack

Large and very spacious:

The bag is designed with ample and enough space to hold all the gear and accessories you need for training or even clothes you need for travel. With all this space you have enough room for you to pack and fit all your training or workout gear like Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Kimono or Gi, Muay Thai or Kickboxing Rash Guard, Shorts, Shin guards, mouth Guard and other accessories that are crucial to your training.

Heavy duty zippers:

The bag is designed to last longer than most of the bags in the market. That’s why its zippers are made strong. A stitching reinforcement is also featured throughout the bag especially the zippers. Thus preventing any destruction whenever the zips are pulled to hard.

Several pockets:

On top of being spacious the back is also designed for organization. It is well constructed with convenient packets all over it for you to put some of your accessories like keys, wallet, phone, water bottle and much more. This makes it great for traveling and also prevents you from losing your stuff.

Sanabul Mesh Backpack


The mesh design of the bag is meant to provide adequate ventilation throughout the bag. This ventilation helps in aerating the damp gear you put in it, enabling them to dry much fast and also prevent them from stinking. On top of that, the ventilation also gives the bag a longer life span as it also may absorb moisture from the damp gear and start wearing out.

Sanabul Mesh Backpack

Sanabul Mesh Backpack is constructed for you as a traveler or sportsman. Its design is aim at giving an easy time when it comes to storing and accessing your accessories and gear. If you are in need of a bag that will suit all your training or travel needs, then don’t hesitate to order Sanabul Mesh Backpack. The bag is available in one color black and that’s good since black is a neutral color. On top of that, the bag is also sold at an affordable price giving you room to save some money for your gym fees.

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