Punch And Workout Gel Handwrap Gloves - Sanabul
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Punch And Workout Gel Handwrap Gloves

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  • The Sanabul PAW gloves can do it all
  • Neoprene material for fitted comfort and moisture evaporation 
  • Elastic extra-long double wrist strap provides superior wrist protection
  • Silicon printing on the palm of the glove
  • Perfect cross training glove

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Sanabul Punch and Workout Gel Handwrap Gloves

Punch and Workout cross training boxing gloves are specially designed for cross and circuit training. If you are looking for the gloves for your cross training or workout on daily basis, you will need the gloves to provide support and prevent to injury. Paw gloves are all in one solution for all your training needs. Sanabul Paw gloves can be used as boxing gloves, cross training gloves, circuit training or even as MMA gloves.

Sanabul punch and workout gel pad hand gloves has several advantages and it is multi-functional gloves. Some of are its advantages are as follows:

  • These gloves are multipurpose gloves. This gloves can be used for cross training, circuit training or boxing gloves.
  • The palm is designed with extra silicon print which provides stronger grip and strength.
  • It provides extra strong wrist protection with its extra-long, double length wrist strap.
  • These gloves are perfect for cross training for boxing.
  • It is made of neoprene material which provides comfort fit with its flexibility and stretch. It is easy for moisture evaporation.
  • Special Features of Sanabul Paw MMA Gloves

    These gloves are made for multipurpose use and it has several advantages some special features of these gloves are as follows:

    All in one solution:

    Sanabul Paw MMA gloves are multifunctional and can be used for various purposes such as cross training, circuit training, boxing and even MMA training. These multi-purpose gloves provides excellent results in any of its use, that is the reason we call it as all in one gloves or gloves can do it all.

    Silicon Printing:

    These gloves comes with special design silicon printing in the palm which provides extra grip for pull up bars or heavy weight at the last moment of the exercises.

    Sanabul Punch and Workout Gel Handwrap Gloves


    The Sanabul paw gloves are made with santec heavy gel padding which provides maximum protection to your knuckles. This gel padding is also important to prevent your hand from any injury and keeps it safe under gel padding protection.

    Punch and Workout Gloves (PAW):

    Sanabul PAW gloves are specially designed for its variety of use, specially keeping in mind the cross and circuit training. Theses gloves allow easy and quick transition between punching, pull-ups, push-ups and weight training.

    Comfort Fit:

    These gloves are made of special material for comfort fit and moisture prevention. The neoprene material which is used to make these gloves is the exactly same material used for making of wet suit which allows faster drying. These gloves are very easy and comfort fitted with enough room for moisture evaporation which keeps your gloves dry and gives longer life and durability.

    Exclusive Double Strap System:

    This glove comes with extra-long strap which allows double wrapping around the wrist for extra strong protection to your wrist.

    Sanabul Punch and Workout Gel Handwrap Gloves

    The Sanabul paw gloves can also be used as hand wrap with usual boxing gloves or as MMA gloves. Sanabul paw gloves are suggested to use for technical training purpose with coach pads. This glove is one time investment for a user and can be used for many purposes including cross training, boxing, circuit training etc. The gloves made with quality material which provides durability and longer life to the gloves.


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