Sanabul Origins of Martial Arts T-Shirt
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Sanabul Origins of Martial Arts T-Shirt

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  • Sanabul Origins T-shirts are an homage to the martial arts that influenced and shaped mixed martial arts into as we know it today
  • 100% made in the USA. The entire shirt including printing and fabric was manufactured in the USA
  • Incredibly soft blend of cotton and polyester will quickly make this tee one of your favorite shirts
  • Red and Black variations are a slim fit style while the Grey color variation is slightly larger athletic fit. The fit of shirts is great for the gym, street or casual wear
  • Designs include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( Brazil ), Boxing ( U.K ), Wrestling ( U.S.A ), Muay Thai ( Thailand ), Bare Knuckle Fighting ( Ireland )

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Sanabul Origins of Martial Arts Tee Shirts

Sanabul Origins t-shirts are the perfect homage to the roots of what we know today as mixed martial arts. These martial arts that shaped the sport we have today developed in times of extreme hardship and violence, with criminal gangs, warlords and foreign invaders constantly keeping people on their toes. Everyday clothing had to be worn to keep one from getting noticed as a threat, and often fighting techniques were developed to work around this problem of fighters having to hide in plain sight. Martial arts were often banned, and yet the dangerous times meant one had to keep practising. Everyday clothing made it harder to be detected as a fighter and so fighting techniques got influenced not only by the terrain but by the clothing of the time.

Fashion evolves continually but the clothes that were worn have remained the same. In some cases, martial arts clothes have been made that very closely resemble contemporary fashion. Track pants and a simple t-shirt will do for kung fu. Only small signs will reveal a student of martial arts, such as a badge denoting the style practised or some calligraphy. Again, contemporary clothes have become practical for self-defence and inconspicuous, so as not to make the wearers targets. It must be mentioned, though, how very rare it is to see a karate expert roaming the streets in his/her all white garb.

Sanabul designs are excellent. They are clothes that permit you to practise your technique and walk the streets with confidence whether you are a martial artist or not. There are many great styles to choose from, making it easy to decide what to wear. They are inspired by and designed for many martial arts forms, from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and wrestling to Muay Thai and Irish bare knuckle fighting.

Wear one of these and you know you are in the right gear. It just feels right and there is a flow and energy to it that makes things flow better and faster. The colours are well selected, influencing mood and mental state. The material is an incredibly soft blend of cotton and polyester and guaranteed to become your favourite t-shirt.

The red and black tees are in a slim fit style while the grey ones are larger and a more athletic fit. They are great for the gym and for casual wear. Wherever you are, experience a calming energizing feel in these martial arts inspired and purposed t-shirts by Sanabul.

With the current trend in mixed martial arts and its growing popularity, it is developing into a fashion trend. What this means is that available to you now are a great variety of clothes and ever improving quality. It is highly recommended that you pick some up from Sanabul and try them out yourself. It could do more than you expect for your gym time or training routine, and it need not be mentioned how awesome you will look.

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