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Origins of Martial Arts T-Shirt

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  • Sanabul Origins T-shirts are an homage to the martial arts that influenced and shaped mixed martial arts into as we know it today
  • 100% made in the USA. The entire shirt including printing and fabric was manufactured in the USA
  • Incredibly soft blend of cotton and polyester will quickly make this tee one of your favorite shirts
  • Red and Black variations are a slim fit style while the Grey color variation is slightly larger athletic fit. The fit of shirts is great for the gym, street or casual wear
  • Designs include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( Brazil ), Boxing ( U.K ), Wrestling ( U.S.A ), Muay Thai ( Thailand ), Bare Knuckle Fighting ( Ireland )

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Sanabul Origins of Martial Arts Tee Shirts

What team are you on? Is your team the gym where you train? Is your team all your regular sparring partners? Is your team everyone who supports you? Are your competitors actually part of your team because they drive you to be better? What if your team is actually everyone who respects and studies martial arts? How do you fly that team flag? Sanabul has some options for you.

Origins T-shirts from Sanabul pay tribute to each of the unique and distinct martial arts traditions that join forces to form modern MMA. While a complete MMA game is likely to draw elements from Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Bare Knuckle Fighting, and Boxing, most fighters heavily favor one or two of these arts. The Sanabul origins shirts help you pay homage and represent the martial arts style(s) at the center of your skill set as well as the various  regions of the world that birthed and shaped such different martial arts.

Anyone who has studied fighting for some time has had the opportunity to amass a collection of martial arts shirts. These shirts are great to wear to the gym, but may be too bold for certain situations. Sometimes a tournament Tee, or a Skull Smasherz MMA Gym tank top isn’t the right choice for a first date, travel, or brunch with grandma. Sanabul origins shirts are at home in the gym, but also well suited to occasions that require more tact. Origins shirts let you represent your traditional alliances and subtly signal that you are a student of the martial arts to other practitioners, without projecting the image of a wanna be tough guy the way some MMA apparel can.

Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Bare Knuckle Fighting, and Boxing belong to, and are practiced throughout most of the world now. Still, each style is associated strongly with a country that serves as its cultural home. As a shout out to these countries Sanabul incorporated their flags in the respective shirt designs and printed the flag on one sleeve. On the other sleeve is the Stars and Stripes, because MMA as we know it today could only have come to exist in a place where styles and cultures meet to give us the best of each, like the USA.


Only hard work over time can do that. But, the functional, durable design of Sanabul equipment means less time worrying about gear and more time training, so in that way it can help!

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