Series 1 Compression Rash Guard - Sanabul
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Series 1 Compression Rash Guard

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  • We listened to all customer feedback and previous reviews and increased the length of the rash guard.
  • Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth.
  • UV SPF 50 protection for when you want to wear your bjj rash guard while surfing or during any other activity outdoors.
  • Flat lock stitching prevents irritation or chafing of skin from the seams of the rash guard
  • 4way stretch material with graduated compression in the arms and upper torso for improved blood flow throughout muscles

Sanabul Series 1 Compression Rashguard

This new and improved long torso rash guard is a product of our customers. We paid attention to the requests and suggestions from our customers through comments and feedback and have produced a winner long torso rash guard for our most esteemed customers. This high performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MMA long torso rash guard has fully sublimated graphics which have been infused with the very fabric. This design is so that the graphics will never fade away or peel. This design will also not irritate the skin.


Antimicrobial treatment:

This rash guard is duly treated to protect against bacterial growth that can cause skin problems. The antimicrobial treatment will protect against and help reduce the growth and spread of bacterial and fungus. These pathogens tend to transfer easily especially when you are working together with a team and someone is infected. This feature in our rash guard will protect you from spread of bacterial and fungal infections. Antimicrobial treatment will also increase the life span of the rash guard.

Sanabul Series 1 Compression Rashguard

UV SPF 50 protection:

Many of the activities that you need a rash guard for will require you to be outdoors. The effect from the rays of the sun will be harming to your skin especially if you do this regularly. This rash guard has protection form UV rays and SPF of up to 50 to protect from any long term skin damages. Your sporting attire should not only cover your body and help you perform better, it is a great plus when it protects your skin at the same time. Save yourself the extra cost of getting UV protection tools and the discomfort of using this in conjunction with your rash guard.

Flat lock stitching:

The seams of this rash guard and all other stitching is done with the flat lock stitching method. This is a sure way to prevent irritation to the skin because this stitching is not rough but is strong and holds the rash guard tightly together. The seams of the rash guard will not cause chaffing of the skin because of this flat lock stitching. The disadvantages that regular stitching would have had on this tight fitting rash guard is completely eliminated by the use of this stitching method. It is smart and will not fray or affect performance.

Sanabul Series 1 Compression Rashguard

Four-way stretch material:

This material is intricately designed for maximum comfort and increased range of motion while the user wears it. Increased comfort is paramount during activity. If you cannot move freely during sports or other actively engaging activities, you risk accidents and not enjoying the activity. This four-way stretch material is the answer to the problem of free motion and flexibility. There is graduated compression in the arms of this rash guard and also in the upper torso o improve blood flow through the muscles hen worn. Improved blood flow provides for faster reaction and more comfort as the body works properly.

Sanabul Series 1 Compression Rashguard

All the parts of this long torso rash guard are well designed to meet and exceed the expectations of users. From the added protection to perfect stitching, it is the perfect choice for your long term needs.

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