Fighter Series: Who is Bridger Walker?

Who is Bridger Walker?

Bridger Walker is a heroic young man and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fanatic who protected his little sister, Brielle, from a dog attack when he was just six years old

Bridger and Brielle were at a friend's house when one of the dogs suddenly became aggressive and lunged at Brielle. Bridger immediately put himself in front of his sister and kept repositioning himself acting as a shield even when the dog tried to get around him. The dog then bit and held Bridger by the cheek, but despite the pain, he was still laser-focused on his sister's safety yelling for her to “RUN!”

Bridger sustained serious injuries to his face from the dog which ended up requiring 90 stitches and multiple operations to fix. Since healing up, Bridger has gotten back to training BJJ with his father Robert, and brother Johnny and has competed in multiple BJJ tournaments. Despite his young age, Bridger’s mindset and resilience serve as an inspiration for all of us and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this incredible young man

Check out the support the Sanabul Community is showing Bridger

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