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Fighter Series: Who is Bridger Walker?

On July 9th, 2020, six year old Bridger Walker saved his little sister Brielle from a dog attack.  While at a friend’s house, Bridger and Brielle were introduced to two of their friend’s dogs.  One of the dogs became aggressive and started jumping at the children.  Bridger selflessly put himself between the advancing dog and his sister, shielding her from danger.  Bridger’s Jiu Jitsu training allowed him to keep moving and repositioning himself in order to keep his sister away from the dog.  


Eventually, the German Sheprd mix jumped and grabbed Bridger by the cheek.  While in the hold of the dog’s jaws, Bridger yelled for Brielle to run.  When the dog released its bite, Bridger immediately went to check on his sister and guided her to a safer part of the backyard, despite his injuries.  The dog’s owner restrained the dog, applied pressure to Bridger’s cheek, and called for medical care.


While in the ER, updates came in.  The dog had all the required vaccinations to date but, due to the events that unfolded, was going to be put to sleep.  After processing this information, Bridger said, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to the dog.  Is it going to be killed?”  Regardless of the pain the dog caused him, Bridger still cared about the well-being of the animal.  This isn’t the only thing Bridger said in the hospital that displayed his kind heart.  When Bridger’s father asked him why he had protected his sister in the way he did, Bridger replied, “If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.”  


After two hours, Bridger had 90 stitches and was going to be okay.  His recovery has included a number of treatments, including those to reduce his scarring, and fortunately he has healed well!  Bridger has returned to his gym, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu alongside his brother and father.  At such a young age, his mindset is very mature and will no doubt lead to success in life, both on and off the mats.


Bridger Walker was raised to be a boy of tremendous character, with a kind, courageous heart.  At only six years old, his actions serve as a powerful reminder to not run away when things get difficult, but instead to stand your ground against the odds and fight for it.

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