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Fighter Series: Who is Jake Peacock?

Fighter Series: Who is Jake Peacock?

Jake Peacock is a Muay Thai fighter who has won multiple championship titles.  In the womb, a band of the amniotic sac became wrapped around his right arm, which caused the lower half to stop growing.

Growing up, Jake became the unfortunate target of discrimination.  He was looked at and treated differently than others, because of the way he was born.  As a child, he dealt with name calling, insults, and offensive gestures.  Later as a young adult, he applied for a landscaping job and had a very successful interview.  He landed the position and was informed that he would soon receive a call for his upcoming start date.  He received a call, but it wasn’t for his start date.  Instead, the team leader told Jake that he believed he would slow down the team since he only had one hand.  The position was revoked.

At 7 years old, Jake began his martial arts training.  His mother put him into Karate classes, as his parents wanted Jake to learn how to defend himself.  He competed in sport Karate in the UK, until he moved on to Kyokushin Karate, where he traveled around the world to compete.  While competing in full-contact karate, Jake would also spend some time improving his boxing skills, until he eventually made the transition to Muay Thai.

When asked why he decided to pursue a full-time career in Muay Thai, Jake said that it is because Muay Thai is the most complete form of stand up fighting.  Thai boxing involves punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, in addition to the grappling aspects of clinching, sweeps, and trips.  Despite missing a limb, Jake never believes he is at a disadvantage: “I may lack half a limb, but I’ll make up for it in my mentality!!”  

Jake’s mindset was forged from the unique situation he was born into.  When he was younger, he said that he used to become frustrated with people for staring at him and making fun of his arm.  As he grew older, he channeled this energy into making a positive difference in the world, choosing to use his story to inspire and motivate others.  He hopes that everyone who sees his story can also develop a never-give-up attitude and a strong will to win.

Throughout Jake’s life, training has helped him to develop incredible discipline, sharp focus, and an outstanding work ethic.  When asked what a regular day consists of, he gave us a look into the way he trains.  “I run or lift weights in the morning, along with a training session that consists of shadowboxing, bag work, and drills that are shadowboxed. I take a few hours off, during which I may be teaching private sessions and or classes at my gym. Then I train again in the afternoon, usually with my team. We spar 20-30 rounds a week, drill lots, pad work, bag work, lots of shadowboxing… 6 days on one day off.”  

Due to this mentality and training regimen, it’s no surprise why Jake has won multiple Muay Thai championships.

Inside the ring, he is a lethal fighter and fierce competitor.  Outside of fighting, Jake is a devoted family man.  He spends lots of quality time with his wife (Christa), his son (Charlie), and his new-born daughter (Ellie).   Through all of the ups, downs, and in betweens, Jake always remains thankful.  “I’m grateful for all I’ve been given, God has blessed me with an incredible family, business and career in this sport. These are all gifts that can easily be taken for granted.” 

Jake’s advice for everyone who reads/hears about his experiences:

I would want people to hear my story and be encouraged to continue pursuing their dreams, even against all odds. I want people from all walks of life to be inspired to press on through challenging times. Life is hard, full of ups and downs and tough times, some have it much worse than others. But to stay hopeful, determined and courageous through it all. We can all be thankful in every circumstance, for life itself is a great gift!”

Currently, Jake and his team (Dunamis) are preparing for his next fight.  After defeating his last opponent via KO, he will be fighting in the semi-finals of the Road to ONE Championship tournament, scheduled for this June (2023).  The winner of the tournament will receive a six digit, multi-fight contract with ONE Championship – one of the largest combat sports organizations in the world.