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Fighter Series: Zion Clark

Fighter Series: Zion Clark

Our Fighter Series was launched with the intention of highlighting people within the Sanabul Community who have had a fight or have a current fight that stands out to us. When the Sanabul team started thinking of who the right person would be to kick off this series, one specific name came to mind... Zion Clark.

Below you’ll get to know Zion better get a quick glimpse into his current fight, his story, and more.

Q: Who is Zion Clark?

"I was born with Caudal Regression syndrome a very rare disorder. I spent the first 17 years in the foster care system where I bounced around 9 families in the system where I was severely mistreated. At 17 years old I was adopted before aging out of the system, my now mom changed my life by providing me a family of my own and support system.

Wrestling has been a big part of my life since 7 years old, I used it as an escape from my poor home life where I could spend hours working on my skills which gave me relief and a sense of purpose being around my wrestling family. I became a professional track athlete right after high school placing top in the state of OH and now 4th in the country for 100m track. I’m also a talented self-taught musician playing 4 instruments, author, motivational speaker, actor, and advocate for the foster care system."

Q: What are you fighting for right now?

"I’m fighting to get a contract with a major fighting organization like Bellator. I’ve been working daily on my striking game, grappling, and wrestling so I stay ready. I’m also a fighter of life with everything I’ve gone through so fighting to me means more than just a sport, it’s a message I carry with me through life.”

Q: What drives you to get better every day?

"I think my biggest driving force is becoming the best version of myself and seeing how far I can push myself physically and mentally. Seeing progress also continues to push me to continue getting better each day"