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Max Holloway: Welcome to Team Sanabul

Max Holloway: Welcome to Team Sanabul

It’s our honor to welcome Max Holloway to Team Sanabul!

We released a collaboration product with Max in 2022: the Holloway 1 Boxing Gloves. We had such a great time working together and have stayed in contact ever since. Now (as of July 2023) he is an official Team Sanabul athlete:

“They say the best is blessed. So why not bless yourself with the best gear there is out there. And the best gear out there is Sanabul. I’ve been using Sanabul for years now, to actually be able to finally join the team is amazing. I can’t wait, I love everything about the brand. I’ve been using the equipment for years now, and I love it. I love how clean it is, how slick it is, and the simplicity. It’s amazing, as a person and as an athlete, I’m super excited to be a part of this team and I can’t wait to grow. Let’s get it fam.” 

- Max “Blessed” Holloway

Who is Max Holloway?

Max Holloway is a five time UFC Featherweight Champion. No doubt a future UFC Hall of Fame inductee, he is considered by many to be one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Outside of the cage, Max is a father, husband, and all around nice guy. Inside the cage, he is a competitor to be feared. Extremely well rounded in both his striking and grappling abilities, Max has seemingly endless stamina and a very high fight IQ.

With his skillset and work ethic, it’s no surprise why Max Holloway holds these records (as of July 2023):

Most wins in the UFC Featherweight Division (19)

Most finishes in the UFC Featherweight Division (10)

Most knockouts in the UFC Featherweight Division (8)

Highest number of strikes landed in UFC history (3366)

Highest number of significant strikes landed in UFC history (3122 strikes)

Highest and second highest number of significant strikes landed in one fight (445 strikes and 290 strikes, respectively)

Third highest total fight time (7 hours 15 minutes)

Tied for third place for most consecutive wins in UFC history (13 fight winning streak)

Currently the #2 ranked Featherweight contender, Max’s next fight takes place on August 26th, 2023, against #8 ranked contender Chan Sung Jun (aka The Korean Zombie) in Singapore.


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