Please introduce SANABUL brand. (About the company and its capability)
SANABUL is about excellence. We are a multidisciplinary team comprised of combat athletes, and materials and garment production specialists. We design our fight gear based on what we've liked about existing products we have used, and what we have longed for that those products lacked. We then manufacture our products in house, not outsourced, not rented space, our own factory. This means we can do as much R&D, and as many production runs as needed to get everything absolutely perfect, just the way we want it, no compromise. Admittedly we are a bit obsessed with design and quality. It's this obsession that helps us deliver unparalleled excellence and elegance to combat athletes.

What does SANABUL mean?
The name SANABUL evolved from the term Sanable, which means ability to heal, or in good health. Sanable originates from the Latin word Sanabilis, from the roots sanare (to cure) & abilis (able). SANABUL is a reminder that martial arts both require and encourage the healing of the body and the mind.

What are the product line up of SANABUL?  Is it limited to BJJ gi?
SANABUL is currently producing 5 different styles of BJJ Gis, and our exclusive PAW gloves. This month we are releasing rash guards, shorts, and workout apparel.  We are also refining our mma gloves, and boxing gloves to round out our full line of martial arts apparel and equipment which will be available for purchase soon.

What is SANABUL's market positioning?  
We believe in providing excellent quality equipment to everyone from the beginner all the way to professional athlete.  We have the capability and production knowledge to do so and will be offering a wide range of products from entry level products to professional equipment for elite fighters.

What is competitive edge of SANABUL PRODUCT compare to other brand?
I'm sure you've heard the expression "if you want it done right, do it yourself." Well, we have our own factory, we do it right. How many other fight equipment companies can say that? Additionally, we bring in experts from many fields to create products that surpass the quality found in competitors products within the same price range.  We also create designs that are more elegant and represent the fundamentals/roots of the martial arts and combat sports.  

Any KEY fighter or the event sponsored by SANABUL? (Please specify the exact current status like contracted/in discussion/in consideration)
We are very excited about some contracts in the works with top level MMA guys in the UFC and Bellator and should be making an announcement soon. We were seen in the April 2014 issue of mens fitness.