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Sanabul Lab Series Punch Paddles Review with Tim Welch and Suga Sean O'Malley

Sanabul Lab Series Punch Paddles Review with Tim Welch and Suga Sean O'Malley


In this video, Tim Welch – head mma coach of UFC Bantamweight Champion Sean O’Malley – explains the benefits of using the Sanabul Lab Series Punch Paddles!


As someone with a lot of coaching experience, Tim has witnessed a lot of pad work, sparring, and heavy bag work. While these forms of training are beneficial to improve one’s skills, he says that your joints may pay a price, as this type of training is heavy on them (ex. Wrists, elbows, etc). When hitting the Sanabul punch paddles, he believes that fighters can still receive the same type of training to improve their precision, timing, and other necessary skills for fighting.


If you experience any pain during conventional padwork (heavy bag training, Thai pads, etc), the paddles could be a good way to get your training in while working through injuries. If you have an injured shoulder, bruised knuckle (another aid for this linked at the end of the article), or anything that might prevent you from your conventional training/sparring routine, the punch paddles may be a good way to work around them and still stay sharp.


Distance is a very, very important factor in fighting. When training with the Lab Series Punch Paddles, Tim says that fighters will be forced to stand further away to maximize their reach and power when hitting the paddles. For striking in general this is great, but for mma - it is even better. MMA fighters commonly stand further apart from one another, compared to Muay Thai fighters and kickboxers, because of the threat of the takedown. The paddles will help drill this into your skillset


Training with the Lab Series Punch Paddles can help all fighters with their distance management, so if you’re an mma fighter who constantly feels like (1) their joints take a beating, (2) their distance management could use a lot of work to improve, or (3) their footwork could use some help, then you may want to look into punch paddles as they can help you improve in all of these areas.


Lastly, the punch paddles can be great for punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Since they are lighter and have much less padding than more commonly used coaching equipment (Thai pads, focus mitts, etc), just be mindful of what is behind the paddles (when holding or hitting) as strikes will have a much greater kickback on them than the previously mentioned coaching gear. This could be a good opportunity to supplement your punch paddle training/holding with the Lab Series Body Protector - which we have a video and article on as well (linked below)!


Crafted with durability and performance in mind, featuring high-quality materials and innovative design elements. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Lab Series Paddles were designed to enhance your training sessions and help you perform at your best.


Sanabul Knuckle Guards (aid for bruised knuckle - they help lessen the impact the knuckle takes)

Lab Series Body Protector - article (includes video)

Lab Series Body Protector - video (only)

Lab Series Body Protector


Thank you for reading - you can find the Lab Series Punch Paddles here!


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