Jiu Jitsu Epidemic:  Underwear Flashing

Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know how to put on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu pants correctly.   We have seen white belts to even the occasional black belt struggling to keep their pants up.  Sure, sometimes having your pants fall down or your belt come undone can give you a minute to rest but don’t be a slacker. No one wants to see your undies so learn how to tie your BJJ pants correctly (most other martial arts pants including Judo have similar style pants).

Pull both drawstrings away from your body until the waist band is snug.  Some people like to go extra snug which really insures the pants will stay in place.

Feed drawstring ends through the belt loops towards the middle of the pants.

Tie a knot and if you desire cut off any excess length of drawstring.

Tie a knot on each end of the drawstring to prevent it from coming out in the washing machine.

Please share this with everyone because we all had a “wtf is this” moment the first time we put on Jiu Jitsu pants.


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  • Guilty, warm up rolls, break fall, to shrimp lead to underwear breeze and backside tease. LoL. Get up readjust with no more fuss.. thanks y’all

    SteveO on

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