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Lab Series Medicine Ball

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  • Cross training workouts are key for any competitive athlete. Med balls are an essential component of fitness exercises whether you are an MMA fighter, Jiu Jitsu athlete or just trying to work up a good sweat. 
  • 14 inch diameter is the perfect size for core workouts and explosiveness building exercises
  • High quality hand stitched PU material with added grip texture
  • Not meant for slamming: Medicine balls or Wall balls are different than slam balls which are usually made with a rubberized outer surface. Med balls are designed for hundreds of different exercises, with or without a training partner, that do not involve overhead slams. Warranty is voided if product is damaged by repeated impact on a rough, non padded, surface or slamming the product on the ground from overhead.  



Can I do overhead slams with these?

We cant physically stop you from doing so but we do not recommend it as these are not "slam balls" which are generally made out of rubber. 

Why would I buy these if I can't slam them on the ground?

There are over 20 different exercises you can do with these med balls that don't involve the aforementioned, forbidden, movement. If you really want to do a workout that involves similar muscle groups as an overhead slam, check out our Combat (battle) Ropes. You can slam those as much as you'd like. 

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