Battle Forged Non-Elastic 180 inch Handwraps - Sanabul
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Battle Forged Non-Elastic 180 inch Handwraps - Sanabul Black Aawut Black Chatri Black Isra Black Aawut Black Isra Black Chatri Black Aawut Black Aawut Battle Forged Non-Elastic 180 inch Handwraps - Sanabul Black Chatri Black Isra Black Aawut Black Chatri Battle Forged Non-Elastic 180 inch Handwraps - Sanabul Battle Forged Non-Elastic 180 inch Handwraps - Sanabul

Battle Forged Non-Elastic 180 inch Handwraps

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  • Designed for the purists. Tradition, tradition, tradition. Battle Forged handwraps were made specifically for individuals who love the traditional feel and fit of 100% cotton ( non elastic ) hand wraps.
  • Muay Thai tattoos originating in Thailand are believed to give fighters power, protection and prosperity. These are the perfect hand wraps to compliment the Sanabul Battle Forged kickboxing gloves
  • One of a kind hand, limited edition hand wraps. We commissioned artists to create Thai inspired art work specifically based on Muay Thai geometric shapes and figures
  • Breathable and fast drying 100 % cotton (NON ELASTIC) traditional boxing and kickboxing ( muay thai ) hand wraps. There is no synthetic polyester or stretchable material added to the fabric composition
  • Thumb loop and velcro closure keeps these wraps securely in place around your hands


You may not know this, but the human hand consists of over 20 bones – 27 to be exact and their susceptibility to breaking is extremely high. This risk is greatly increased when you are a beginner to martial arts. To ensure that you do not fracture or break any of your bones, it is highly recommended to use hand wraps for any boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA training.

Sanabul has a great line of limited edition Battle Forged Hand Wraps with amazing features that goes perfectly well with the Sanabul Battle Forged kickboxing gloves. These hand wraps were created with the individuals who love and enjoy the traditional aspect and fit of 100% cotton hand wraps.

A common belief among fighters is that the Muay Thai tattoos that originally came from Thailand give a fighter the power, protection and prosperity to overcome their rivals. Sanabul commissioned artists to create Thai style art inspired and based on Muay Thai for the Battle Forged Hand Wraps representing power, protection and prosperity.

Battle Forged Hand Wraps from Sanabul are sure to make you comfortable and ultimately a winner with the wide variety of specifications and features that have been carefully thought of and incorporated into the design and manufacturing of the hand wraps – making them a premium choice for all those training in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and otheir striking arts. These wonderful features include;

  • Great length: Hand wraps need to be long enough to go around your hand and wrist in order to protect them from possible injuries. Short hand wraps will either only wrap your hand or will be too short to properly and adequately wrap the hand and wrist. Battle Forged Hand Wraps from Sanabul come in at an amazing 180 inches which means that not only will you be able to wrap your entire hand and wrist; you can even wrap it over multiple times.
  • Thumb loops and Velcro closures: Having hand wraps slip or turn out of place is extremely inconvenient and can quickly turn a workout session down, especially if you have to constantly stop to retighten the hand wraps. This is no longer a problem because with Sanabul Battle Forged Hand Wraps, you get thumb loops and Velcro closures which ensure that the hand wraps firmly and securely remain wrapped around your hands for the duration of your workout.
  • Fabric Composition: Most hand wraps are made of synthetic fibers and materials, such as polyester. Thus, they are not allowed to ‘breathe,’ leaving you with sweat logged hand wraps and slippery hands. Often these hand wraps also restrict blood circulation because they end up being too tight on your hands. Sanabul’s Battle Forged hand wraps completely eliminate these cons using 100% non-elastic cotton and because of this, the hand wraps are breathable, sweat absorbent and wicking, and they are also fast drying. Cotton is the traditional material used in hand wraps for boxing and kickboxing (Muay Thai), so you get the full benefit and experience during your training.

All Sanabul equipment brings you performance and durability. Essential series products are focused on value, while Battle Forged products use more expensive materials for superior finish and feel.


You might work some light combos without wraps, but you definitely need to own handwraps! Hand wraps provide support and protection for your wrists, knuckles and many small bones in your hands. Most athletes consider them a must for sparring, training, competing, and heavy bag work.

You should order 180 inch hand wraps unless you have a special wrapping style that requires a less common length. 180" is the professional standard and offers enough length to pad the knuckles, wrap between the fingers and encircle the wrist multiple times for support and protection. Better to have extra coverage with a long handwrap, than not enough protection with a short wrap.

Hand wraps come in stretchable elastic Essential series, or non-elastic, 100% cotton Battle Forged series.

Unless your coach or trainer specifies which to use, this is a matter of personal preference. Anyone who trains on a regular basis and keeps their equipment clean has multiple pairs of hand wraps. So, why not get both elastic and non to see which you like best?

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  • Battle Tested: A classic design for those with an eye for performance as well as style. Battle Forged is Sanabul’s answer for those pursuing greatness. Premium material, cutting edge design, all backed by some of the biggest names in the business.
  • Used by Warriors: Our throwback to the traditional fighting spirit of striking arts is a resounding hit with professional athletes like Alan Jouban, UFC standout, and Michael Bisping, a legendary UFC hall of famer. 
  • Armored Up: For coaches holding mitts, we know that taking hundreds of power punches can be a strain. We use San-Ultra Light Anti-Shock Foam in these mitts to ensure maximum cushion for your hands from both elbows and knees.
  • Light on Your Hands: Customers give us feedback all the time about how light these mitts are. Even a few ounces can make the difference when you’re holding these for long periods of time, and with the Battle Forged Punching mitts, we’ve made our lightest gear ever.
  • Each order comes as a pair (2 pads). The dimensions of the front striking area are 10.5" x 9". Perfect for use in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, or Karate.


  • Battle Tested: The Battle Forged Series is our answer to athletes who demand tougher material. It’s why professional athletes like UFC champion Michael Bisping wear Sanabul. Battle Forged combines traditional thai aesthetic with cutting edge design.
  • Never Slip on The Mats Again: Slipping on the mat is a real thing. Powerful kicks generate torque. Our foot grips will save you from any embarrassing falls with silicone traction pads on the soles.
  • Gel Protection: We infused our ankle wraps with gel protection, so you can put all the power into your kicks without worrying about the pain.
  • Tradition Meets Technology: Custom art of Tiger and Warrior figures recognize the roots of Thai boxing, and they just look cool. 
  • Better Fit, Stronger Support: Ankle wraps that are too loose won’t protect you, but too tight makes it hard to move. We found the sweet spot of compression with these ankle wraps.   



  • Just What You Need: Whether it’s the tight rotation of kickboxing or the complex leg entanglements of jiu-jitsu, ankle wraps are essential for all things combat sports. Essentials sets the standard for what you need to get in the game.
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  • No More Slipping: Stay light on your feet, but not too light! Silicone grips at the bottom will help you get a grip, even on slick mats.
  • Compression Support: Even if you’re not striking, the compression design of Essentials Gel Ankle Wraps will deter your feet from hyperextension. Their also great if you’ve have an ankle injury already.
  • Multi Sport Anti-Slip Use: Our product has been tested and is used by athletes on a daily basis for striking. Perfect for Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ), Kick Boxing ( Muay Thai ), Tae Kwon Do ( TKD ), Karate or any other activity that involves striking