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Core Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard

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  • High performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MMA rash guard with fully sublimated graphics infused into the fabric so they won't ever fade, peel or irritate the skin
  • Graduated compression in the arms and upper torso for improved blood flow throughout the muscles
  • Ventilated mesh underarm area to help disperse heat
  • Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth. This will help prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal infections between you and your training partners. It will also extend the life span of the rash guard
  • UV SPF 50 protection for when you want to wear your jiu jitsu mma rash guard while surfing or during any other activity outdoor.


Compression rash guard is an essential accessory in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is being used very widely in the no-gi BJJ, but it is also being used now in the gi method. Whatever the style the rash guard has become a must-wear in MMA and many outdoor activities including surfing. 

The Core Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard is an ideal product to use in MMA, BJJ, and other activities. It provides muscle compression to prevent injuries and even helps recovery from injuries. The slight compression in the arms and upper torso also helps in better blood flow through the muscles. The four-way stretch material provides the right amount of compression at the necessary areas.

The Core Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard comes with a ventilated wire mesh at the underarms. This helps in dispersing the heat thus reducing the body heat during the strenuous activities. The rash guard also prevents a lot of sweat transfer to the hands. This will give a better grip on the opponent without your palms becoming sweaty.

There is a lot of close and intimate contact during MMA and other such activities. It is very easy for bacteria and other microbes to spread from one player to the other. Our Core Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard has been specially treated with anti-microbial to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus among the players. The product saves you from a lot of diseases. 

In BJJ there can be a lot of contact between the mat and the skin. This can cause friction scars. There is a likelihood of mat burn when your movements force you to plant a part of your arm on the mat. The rash guard can help to prevent this kind of burns by preventing the kind of friction.

The Core Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard is good for all kinds of outdoor activities like surfing. It has been treated with UV SPF 50 to give you complete protection.

The design on the rash guard is built with care to protect you from all kinds of skin issues. The graphics are infused into the fabric so that they don’t cause any irritation to your skin. The graphics will also not fade away or peel off. That means your rash guard is going to stay like new for a long time.

Users have found the product to be great both in terms of fit and protection from mat burns. Those who trained for BJJ have opined they used this for both gi and no-gi styles. Wearing this under the gi has prevented a lot of injuries. The stretchable material feels very comfortable and users didn’t feel any difficulty or restriction of free movement.

The Core Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard is both a product for indoor and outdoor activities. The compression action on the muscles will protect you from muscles and give it good blood flow.

Customers must note that the rash guard is a compression garment and so your shirt size will fit you tighter than a standard shirt.

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