Essential Hybrid Shin Guards - Sanabul
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Essential Hybrid Shin Guards

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  • Kickboxing or MMA shin guards? Why choose between the two when we have designed the Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guards to be as comfortable as MMA shin guards but also have the protection and feel of traditional kickboxing or Muay Thai shin guards
  • Enhanced protection. Sanabul one piece High-Impact protection foam was specially developed to protect your shins during sparring. Articulated in-step padding ergonomically contours to your foot
  • No need to keep adjusting shin guards during training. Neoprene slip on design with top leg fastener and proprietary mid leg fastener ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes shin guard movement
  • High durability. Essential Hybrid shin guards are triple-stitched throughout the entire shin guard for added reinforcement and durability
  • Available in 3 sizes.
    • XS: common size for children or individuals less than 110 lbs
    • S/M: most commonly used by individuals less than 5'10" in height
    • L/XL: most commonly used by individuals taller than 5'10" in height


Looking for the right pad that protects your shin? Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts can be very dangerous and life-threatening if the right armour is not used to protect yourself from the damages during a match. Kickboxing mainly involves punches, full contact kicks and knee strikes whereas Mixed Martial Arts include moves like grappling and striking in the ground and by standing up.

Sanabul is here to provide you with the most essential armour needed for kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. The Essential Shin Guard from Sanabul is the one you need to protect and guard your shin area. It is a hybrid shin guard which gives you a protective feel for MMA and a traditional feel for Muay Thai and kickboxing.

This product is highly durable and in order to reinforce it, this hybrid shin guard is stitched three times throughout the shin guard. We often find ourselves touching and making sure our normal shin guard stays in place during a match. Well, worry no more because with the Essential Shin Guard from Sanabul, there will be no need to adjust the guard every now and then since it is designed in a way that it stays right where it belongs and it doesn’t move around at those times where you need it to stay put. It keeps the top leg and the mid leg fastened and tight, which ensures comfort and precision.

The Essential Shin Guard consists of premium, high impact foam for protection which is specially produced for the users of all ages and sizes. The product is available in three sizes - extra small, small or medium, large or extra large. Extra small shin guards are mainly for kids and for those individuals who weigh less than 110 lbs. Small or medium size guards are for those who are less than five feet and 10 inches tall. On the other hand, large or extra-large shin guards are for users who are taller than five feet and 10 inches.

Overall, Sanabul’s Essential Shin Guard provides an enhanced protection for those customers who are about to engage in a serious fight of kickboxing or Mixed martial arts. It is solidly constructed that protect the shin and instep protection for both children and adults alike. The designs that are available looks very appealing and sporty. The customers are likely to feel very safe and protective during training session and during the actual match. We offer an amazing deal of the price slash of Essential Shin Guard from 49.99 dollars to 39.99 dollars. The product comes in four different colors and you have the opportunity to choose any color you like by clicking on to the color option. You can purchase the product individually or in bulk and we make sure it gets shipped to your address as fast as we can without any delays. Buy the best shin guard to excel in the game to become a professional without any hinderences.

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