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Elastic Professional Handwraps 180 inch

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  • Just What You Need: Any serious student of striking will be wearing handwraps underneath their gloves. They provide that extra protection for your knuckles and support for your wrists. The 180 inch length is ideal for professionals or amateurs in boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, or mixed martial arts
  • The Perfect Fit: Stretchable material as compared to traditional handwraps. The polyester composition of these hand wraps makes for a more secure and comfortable fit than traditional cotton.
  • Breathable and Fast Drying: Nothing ruins handwraps faster than moisture. We use material that will allow sweat to escape faster and respond better in a dryer. If you keep these clean, they will last a long time. 
  • Locked in Place: Thumb loop and velcro closure means these wraps will stay tight after a long training session.


For a martial artist, your hands are your lifeline. Protecting them is essential to your training. And with over twenty bones in the human hand, it’s ok to go a little overboard. Professional strikers from any discipline will wear handwraps under their gloves, and so should you.

Hand wraps compress hands to support bones and distribute impact forces across the hand. They also will keep your wrist from folding in on itself during particularly powerful punches. In addition to helping protect bones from impact fractures, Sanabul Elastic Professional Hand Wraps stabilize the wrist and pad the knuckles to further reduce training interrupting injuries.



Sanabul Essential Series Elastic Professional Handwraps are 180 inches long. 180 inches is the perfect length for the vast majority of hand wrapping techniques.


Sanabul hand wraps are made with a degree of elasticity for those who find hand wraps with a bit of stretch to be more comfortable.


Open loop for thumb and Velcro closure keep the wraps securely on your hand.


Sanabul hand wraps are breathable which allows air circulation to avoid sweat accumulation. They are also quick drying, which makes washing more convenient.


Do I need hand wraps with my gloves?

You might work some light combos without wraps, but you definitely need to own handwraps! Hand wraps provide support and protection for your wrists, knuckles and many small bones in your hands. Most athletes consider them a must for sparring, training, competing, and heavy bag work.

What size hand wraps should I order?

You should order 180 inch hand wraps unless you have a special wrapping style that requires a less common length. 180” is the professional standard and offers enough length to pad the knuckles, wrap between the fingers and encircle the wrist multiple times for support and protection. Better to have extra coverage with a long handwrap, than not enough protection with a short wrap.

What are the different types of handwraps?

Hand wraps come in stretchable elastic Essential series, or non-elastic, 100% cotton Battle Forged series.

Should I buy elastic or non elastic hand wraps?

Unless your coach or trainer specifies which to use, this is a matter of personal preference. Anyone who trains on a regular basis and keeps their equipment clean has multiple pairs of hand wraps. So, why not get both elastic and non to see which you like best?

Elastic Professional Handwraps 180 inch has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 29 reviews.

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