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Seven Zero Professional Hook & Loop Boxing Gloves

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  • It all starts with a desire. Sometimes you desire to be a better you, sometimes you desire to be a better competitor. Sometimes you desire to be the absolute best, to be champion.
  • We started with a hand shaped mould. We crafted ultra premium materials with the utmost attention to detail. Then we finished these masterpieces with a luxurious, yet durable lining. The result is the Sanabul Seven Zero series, fine crafted for champions pursuing greatness. Be the best.
  • Ultra soft 3 layer hand shaped mould
  • Highest Quality Engineered Leather
  • Antimicrobial Sanabul Premium Lining


Beyond just attracting similar types of thrill seekers, skating, surfing, and fighting have a lot in common. And not just the impacts.

Most people who invest serious time in mastering skating, surfing, or fighting achieve states of Zen like flow while training. That’s part of why so many people who skate, surf, and fight find their lives start to revolve around these themes.

Since the 1970s skating, surfing, and fighting have been culturally linked and many people indulge in two or all three. For those people, the passionate, the obsessed, the professionals, Sanabul makes the Seven Zero glove.

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