About Us

You train in combat sports for fitness, sanity, self-defense, to prepare for competition. Whatever your reasons for training are, Sanabul knows you deserve the best equipment at the best price.

That is why from day one, our goal at Sanabul has been to manufacture the highest quality athletic and combat gear and make it affordable. Along the way we have learned that making the best equipment requires innovation, so we are constantly involved in R&D to make your next Sanabul product even better.

Sanabul fight gear can't give you superpowers. You still have to put in the time at the gym. That doesn't bother you though, you love being at the gym, you're committed. That's why you're here right now isn't it? You are looking for the ultimate fight wear to spend those long hours in the gym with you. Sanabul fight gear can put in the time. It can also enhance the techniques and skills you have worked so hard to develop.

At Sanabul we believe the best way to make gear is with such precise engineering and meticulous attention to detail that it becomes nearly invisible when in use.

When you inspect our fight wear you'll notice the quality, and elegance of design. When you try it on, you'll feel the superior fit. As the years pass you're sure to value the durability of our products.

When you fight in our gear all of these factors work together so you can perform at your peak without even thinking about your fight wear.

Let the multidisciplinary team of experts at Sanabul obsess over the design, details, features and performance of your fight wear, so you can focus on your area of expertise, fighting.