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Sanabul Fight News is your new go-to source for a rundown of UFC fights, Jiu Jitsu events, Boxing, and everything you need to know from that week in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. MMA can be a tough sport to follow, with new fighters constantly bouncing in and out of different promotions, current fighters getting hurt and retiring, and fights getting announced left and right, it’s important to have a source you can trust on what’s real and what’s not, and what’s truly important after each week of fighting. You can rely on Fight News to be in your inbox every Monday, with a detailed and entertaining summary of the chaos we all witness (almost) every Saturday

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With the constantly changing and chaotic nature of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC, we’ve got your back with all the up-to-date information in one place. You'll also find the latest news about grappling and Jiu Jitsu matches, Boxing fights and upcoming events

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Every weekend, fighters “stock” goes up or down depending on if they won, the performance they put on, and how the fans reacted. We will stay on track with each fighter’s career path and trajectory, and have these stocks featured in each newsletter!

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Sanabul Fight News: UFC 281

The UFC came back to Madison Square Garden in NYC on Saturday night, with an unbelievable card of UFC 281. Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira headlin... Read more

Sanabul Fight News: UFC 280

The Suga Show is BACK BABY! UFC 280 was one of the most anticipated cards of the year, with the last three matchups each potentially being able to sell a PPV by themselves, fans everywhere were beyond excited for the UFC to go back to Abu Dhabi on October 22nd. Read more

Sanabul Fight News: UFC 279

UFC 279 may have been one of the most hectic cards in the history of the sport, with the most important three fights of the card being completely c... Read more

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