As an avid sneakerhead, Max’s goal with this collaboration was to create something the sneaker community could appreciate and want to collect, even if they don’t train in combat sports.

Max wanted the design of the glove to speak louder than the logos, and the patent leather look pays homage to the sneaker community by drawing inspiration from the iconic Jordan 11 shoe.

The logo for Holloway brand is a depiction of the point-down gesture, which captures the moment in 2016 at UFC 199 when Max fought Ricardo Lamas. Max was up on the scorecards in the fight, and with ten seconds left in the fight, he could've easily coasted to a unanimous decision (victory).

Max, however, instead opted to "point-down" to the mat, suggesting to Ricardo that they stand their ground and swing at each other until the end of the fight. This was very risky for Max considering he already had the fight won, and thus cemented him as one the most fearless fighters in combat sports.

Matte finish, premium synthetic leather, with high-end engineered (non-animal) patent leather trim.

Professional grade 4 layer foam composition padding for hand protection.



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