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Battle Forged Gel Ankle Wraps (pair)

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  • Battle Tested: The Battle Forged Series is our answer to athletes who demand tougher material. It’s why professional athletes like UFC champion Michael Bisping wear Sanabul. Battle Forged combines traditional thai aesthetic with cutting edge design.
  • Never Slip on The Mats Again: Slipping on the mat is a real thing. Powerful kicks generate torque. Our foot grips will save you from any embarrassing falls with silicone traction pads on the soles.
  • Gel Protection: We infused our ankle wraps with gel protection, so you can put all the power into your kicks without worrying about the pain.
  • Tradition Meets Technology: Custom art of Tiger and Warrior figures recognize the roots of Thai boxing, and they just look cool. 
  • Better Fit, Stronger Support: Ankle wraps that are too loose won’t protect you, but too tight makes it hard to move. We found the sweet spot of compression with these ankle wraps.  


Compression and support:

provided by the neoprene sleeve help keep you ankle and foot from stretching and twisting farther than they should.

Better protection:

This protects ligaments and tendons from tearing or stretching without inhibiting natural foot and ankle movement.

Minimize impact:

Gel padding on the lower shin and top of foot minimize impact damage from kicking to protect against bruising and breaking bones.

Even more protection:

Sanabul added silicon traction patterns to the bottom of the Battle Forged Gel Ankle Wraps to reduce slip and fall accidents. But don’t worry, you’re still free to pivot on the balls and heels of your feet since they aren’t covered by the Battle Forged Gel Ankle Wraps.

Every martial artist knows someone who has been sidelined by a foot or ankle injury.

Getting hurt doesn’t have to be the status quo. Smart training and proper equipment can make even hard training, safe training. Sanabul is empowering fighters and athletes to train safe without having to hold back.

Battle Forged Gel Ankle Wraps sport a traditional Thai design, are easily hand washable in soap and water, and come in two sizes, small/medium (recommended for shoe sizes up to US men’s 9) or large/extra large (recommended for shoe sizes US men’s 9.5 and up.

And of course, we added a little Sanabul style for you. Custom art honors the roots of Muay Thay with warrior and tiger designs.

What are you waiting for? 


Why do Battle Forged products cost more than the Essential products?

All Sanabul equipment brings you performance and durability. Essential series products are focused on value, while Battle Forged products use more expensive materials for superior finish and feel.

Do Battle Forged Ankle Wraps offer as much foot and ankle protection as Tae Kwon Do sparring boots?

Sanabul Battle Forged Gel Ankle wraps are much smaller and less restrictive than foam rubber sparring boots. Battle Forged ankle wraps provide less impact protection than larger sparring boots, but similar ankle support.

Battle Forged Gel Ankle Wraps (pair) has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 16 reviews.

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