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Blackout Trucker Performance Hat

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• Moisture wicking Sanabul Resorb Performance Fabric

Rubberized Blackout front logo

Adjustable size (one size fits most)

• Trucker style with high quality ventilated mesh back


Sanabul Blackout Trucker Performance Hat

Have you ever wished for just enough shade to cover your head and face on a sunny day? Well, the Sanabul Blackout Trucker Performance Hat gives you that shade! Okay, most hats do, but still its super convenient to be able to toss a little shade on your noggin. What the Sanabul Blackout Trucker Performance Hat does better than most is make you look super awesome with its classic mesh back trucker hat style and subtle logos.

Understated black on black Sanabul logos give the Sanabul Blackout Trucker Performance Hat a clean, minimalist aesthetic while still letting you rep a company that supports your sport and lifestyle. There’s no shortage of hats out there for you if you want to be a walking day glow neon advertisement for an apparel mega conglomerate. If, on the other hand you want to stay slick, crisp and low key, Sanabul has got you with the Blackout Trucker Performance Hat.

The Blackout Trucker isn’t a simple fashion piece though, just as the name says, it packs performance. Your body actually sheds a lot of heat through your head, so good dome ventilation is crucial to staying cool.

The high quality mesh back on the Blackout Trucker hat lets heat blast straight off of your scalp, but Sanabul didn’t stop there. The front of the hat is made of Sanabul’s proprietary Resorb performance fabric that wicks sweat and moisture away so you’re not left with a sweat drenched forehead and brow. The Sanabul Blackout Trucker Performance Hat is true business in the front, party in the back.

Some of the top features of the Blackout Trucker Performance Hat are:

  • Moisture Wicking Sanabul Resorb Performance Fabric: Effective moisture wicking Resorb fabric assists your body’s natural evaporative process to help keep you cool and dry. You don’t want sweaty head do you?
  • Trucker Style With High Quality Ventilated Mesh Back: Mesh back panels provide shade without trapping heat on your head, by allowing cooling airflow.
  • Adjustable Size: Snap back size adjustment allows you to personalize the fit to your head.
  • Rubberized Blackout Front Logo: The Sanabul Blackout hat features a black, rubberized front logo that perfectly blends in with the hat for a clean, low key look. Create an air of mystery about yourself, ya know?

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