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Foot Grips

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  • Non Slip Foot Grips are perfect for any activity that requires a little extra traction whether its MMA, grappling, wrestling, jiu jitsu, yoga or water sports.
  • Helps to protect your feet and toes from friction burns, abrasions and cuts
  • Keeping feet covered helps reduce risk of foot fungal or bacterial infections. To help keep reduce odor free please wash frequently
  • Extremely comfortable 4-way stretch neoprene design does not restrict movement
  • Size Guide: Small (Men's Shoe Size: 5-7) Medium (Men's Shoe Size: 7.5-10) Large/X-Large (Mens Shoe Size: 10.5-13.5)


Good for Any Kind of Training

Our Sanabul foot grips are designed to be breathable and stretch in any direction so you never feel constrained of uncomfortable while wearing them. They also keep your feet clean after a long day in shoes, or a night on a dirty mat.

Strikers of all kinds need to pivot hard and dig in their heels during training. Grapplers need to drive forward and sprawl to create pressure. Even yoga practitioners need solid footing. Whatever your sport, if you need a little extra traction, our foot grips are the answer

Non Slip Foot Grip

With just a little bit of sweat, an already smooth mat can turn into an accident waiting to happen. Our grips solve this problem so you won’t have to compromise your movements out of fear of injury

Satisfy All Your Needs

Are you cross-training? So are we. If you are the kind of person who likes to match their training gear, we've got you covered. We have created an entire series of Essential products such as focus mitts, MMA gloves, shin guards, head gear, etc that not only matches the design and color scheme but also has the quality you love and trust

Foot Grips has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 13 reviews.

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