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Mens Compression Workout Tights

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  • Just What You Need: Anyone who has trained for a while probably swears by their compression tights (also called “spats”). They keep you cleaner, cut down on sweat, and save your legs from mat burn. Whether you’re doing grappling or striking, these are for you.
  • Good for Any Climate: Some spats are too hot, and will cause overheating. Others are too thin. Sanabul Spats are made with a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex. They’ll stay comfortable, and breathe well so you stay cool
  • Stay Mobile: We use special 4-way stretch material that will keep up with your workout. These tights can keep up with all your wildest positions.
  • Designed to Endure: Reinforced 5-thread 2-needle stitching means no tears along the seams. Rubberized printing will eliminate the problem of crumbling print over time.
  • Multi Sport Use: More than just combat sports, customers use our spats for yoga, lifting, and outdoor sports of every kind.They even have UV SPF 50 protection.


Sanabul Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

Daily workout at gym or at home is a daily habit for many people. They never break their routine irrespective of weather. These people have tendency to follow the routine very strictly even if weather conditions are not pleasant. They like to work out in nice and sunny day and would do workout in even in colder weather. At this time an individual would need a proper clothing to do workout in any weather condition.

The gym clothes have to be comfortable in any weather condition. Sanabul has introduced a compression base workout jui Jitsu tights for men which are made of special spandex material to provide comfort fit. It is made with 4 way stretch material combined with compression to improve the blood flow throughout muscles.

  • Weather Proof:

    These tights are made of nylon, polyester and spandex which make it perfect fit due to its expandable feature. It is also useful in any weather hot or cold as this provides comfort fit and protection in any weather condition.

  • Comfort Fit:

    This tight assures comfort fit to anyone due to its special stitching style. It reinforces 5 threads – 2 needles stitching with elastic waist band. This made usually comfortable to wear even for long hours without irritation to the skin.

  • UV Protection:

    These tights are useful even for any outdoor activities as it is made with a UV protection material which protects you from harmful sun rays during your outdoor activities.

  • 4 ways Stretch:

    These tight are made with 4 ways stretch material combined with graduated compression for better blood flow throughout your muscles. It helps in improved blood circulation within your muscles with its compression component. These tights are perfect use for any MMA, BJJ, cross training or any workout purpose.

Advantages of using Sanabul Men’s Compression Base Tights

These tights are not only useful for your daily workouts but also provide some health benefits like improved circulation, UV protection, weather proof and many more. This tight is one time investment with multipurpose use with quality material and durability. Sanabul men’s compression base tights provide some excellent benefits to its user, some of them are mentioned below:

  • These tights can be used for workouts in hot or cold weather without any hesitation.
  • This tight is minimally designed with rubber reflective print.
  • These tights are made with 4 way stretch materials. It is also combined with compression which not only provides comfort during workouts but also helps in improved blood flow in your muscles.
  • This tights are perfectly useful for any outdoor activities or workout due to its UV protection feature.
  • This tights achieves perfect fit and comfort due to its made of nylon, polyester and spandex material.
  • Sanabul has perfect solution for the men’s who are looking for compression base layer workout jiu Jitsu tights. These tights are perfect solution to your daily workouts and provide you maximum comfort in any weather.

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