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Sticker Bomb Kids Gloves

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  • Keep Training Fun: Training martial arts should still be fun, so we let our design team lose with our craziest design yet! Sticker bomb uses orginal art that kids will love, over serious gloves with premium features 
  • Protection for Small Hands: For children still learning technique, maximum protection in boxing gloves is important. Durasoft Impact Foam in our gloves ensures that punches will harmlessly bounce of targets, protecting your child’s bones.
  • Maximum Wrist Support: For a child, bones are still developing well into young adulthood. We doubled down on wrist support with our secure hook and loop closure system. It will help compensate if your child throws wild punches, protecting their wrists.
  • Fast Cleaning: Engineered Leather is what Sanabul is known for, meaning these gloves can easily be sprayed down and wiped off with a sponge, without damaging the material.
  • PLEASE NOTE THE SIZE RECOMMENDATION: [[ 4 oz - Child weight: 60 lbs or under ]] [[ 6 oz - Child weight 61-80 lbs ]] [[ 8 oz - Child weight 81-100 lbs ]]


Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Sanabul made a name for itself with simple designs and a classic aesthetic. But some rules are meant to be broken. Sticker Bomb is about color and personality over top level design. Even the parents will want them!

Designed for Parents, By Parents

We know what kids want on their gloves. But we also now what features they need under the hood. Impact protection foam, expanded wrist support, and engineered leather make this a glove any professional would wear.

Used in Any Martial Art

It can be a hassle to research what gloves you should get for what style, but don’t worry about it! These will work beautifully with any striking art, from Karate and Tae Kwon Doe, to Kickboxing and MMA.

Be a Sanabul Family

We have a number of kid friendly products from our “Sticker Bomb” gloves to our kids essentials gi. We keep the value high for parents, and unleash our designers to make the funnest looks they can think of.

Sticker Bomb Kids Gloves has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 11 reviews.

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