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Sean O'Malley " Sugar Foot " Ankle Wraps

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  • Limited Edition Product
  • Help Prevent Slips: Slipping on the mat is a real thing. Powerful kicks generate torque. Our foot grips will save you from any embarrassing falls with silicone traction pads on the soles
  • Gel Protection: We infused the front of our ankle wraps with gel protection over the foot and lower shin, so you can put more power into your kicks with less hesitation
  • Sold As A Pair:  Each order is for a pair of ankle wraps, one for each foot
  • Provides Compression: Ankle wraps are similar to extremity sleeves which are meant to provide compression and traction, not support.  For ankle support please see your health care provider for recommendations on a brace or other device
  • General Size Recommendation: Small/Medium (Men's Shoe size 8-10.5 US)  Large/X-Large (Men's Shoe size 10.5-13 US)


Sean O'Malley " Sugar Foot " Ankle Wraps has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 7 reviews.

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