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Essential Striking Coaching Sticks

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  • Just What You Need: Sanabul is all about getting you started on the best foot, with equipment that will set the bar high for all your future gear. We fuse quality, style, and value together into one of bestselling product series in the combat sports.
  • Tested By Pros: Sanabul works with pro fighters, like NABO boxing champ Mike Lee, to test and give feedback on our products. We constantly tweak our designs in our obsession with making the perfect piece of gear
  • Feel the Impact, Not the Pain: Our sticks are infused with Santec Ultra Light Foam so you can absorb the biggest punches without holding extra weight
  • Speed and Accuracy: Striking sticks were made not for heavy punches but instead for amateurs, enthusiasts and pros to work on hand speed, accuracy and even head movement! Length of striking (coaching) sticks is approximately 22 inches and total weight (both sticks combined) is approximately 1.25 lbs


Accuracy And Speed

Develop offense and defense skills without taking less impact. A great alternative to punch mitts, coaching sticks cause less impact on both the shoulders, hands and elbows. Elite athletes rely on striking sticks to improve accuracy, speed and precision

Designed For Pro's, Used By All

Hand-eye coordination is a crucial skill to develop whether you're an amateur, pro or even an enthusiast. A great and fun way to enhance any training session for adults or kids.

Striking sticks are the perfect addition to your coaching equipment for hand speed, accuracy and even head movement!

Satisfy All Your Needs

Are you cross training? So are we. We have created an entire series of Essential products such as focus mitts, MMA gloves, shin guards, head gear, etc that not only matches the design and color scheme but also has the quality you love and trust

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