Boxing Tips for Better Punches

Punch fast and punch hard, while maintaining proper form.  This article covers some simple tips to keep in mind when it comes to throwing punches, which applies to practitioners of all experience levels.

Things to remember when punching:

Turn your knuckles over (inward toward the centerline of your body)

This helps ensure that the first two knuckles (pointer and middle finger) land first upon impact with the target

Bring the punching arm back to your face after throwing the strike 

This will help defend against any counter strikes you may face after your own attacks

Unless you immediately control your opponent’s hands or decide to clinch, this should always be done, whether you hit or miss your intended target

Whatever arm is not punching should stay up to defend.  

If you jab, keep your rear hand up.  If you throw a cross, keep your lead hand up.

Punching can be compared to pushing, except punching is quicker and done with a fist 

Thinking of a pushing motion may help you from overextending on your punches and potentially hyperextending your arms/elbows when punching

Pivot your feet, engage your core, and rotate your shoulders and hips

Striking of any type is most effective when the whole body is involved in the movements

Engage your core as you attack, defend, or move

Don't try to punch harder, focus on punching faster 

Power is generated from speed

“Precision beats power and timing beats speed” 

A well placed punch is more effective than a powerful punch that does not land at all. 

Maintain your composure

When you worry too much, you get tense.  Stiffness is rarely a good thing in combat, so stay loose and keep your movements fluid.  Stay relaxed, while staying ready to attack, defend, or move.

Thank you for reading - we hope these tips can help improve your boxing!


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