IBJJF point scoring for Jiu Jitsu tournaments


The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) rules dictate what can and cannot be done in BJJ competition.  They cover legal/illegal submissions, gi/no-gi uniform requirements, anti-doping policies, and much more.  This article will examine the IBJJF scoring system for Jiu Jitsu and explain how to score in Jiu Jitsu tournaments under the IBJJF rules.

IBJJF scoring can occur in a number of ways.  Competitors can score two, three, or four points at a time, but may chain together techniques and movements to score more.  For example, if someone takes their opponent down (2pts) and immediately back mounts them with both hooks in for over three seconds (4pts), they will score six points based on the following IBJJF point scoring system:

Scoring 2 points:



Knee on Belly

Scoring 3 points: 

Guard pass

4 points:

Full mount

Back mount (with two hooks)

To score the full four points, these positions must be held for a minimum of three seconds.

Thank you for reading!  Hopefully this guide helps you understand how points work in IBJJF competitions.  For more information, the full IBJJF rules can be found and downloaded (free) at https://ibjjf.com/books-videos

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