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Starting Martial Arts Training for Women

Starting Martial Arts Training for Women

As a brand, we believe that all women should have some form of martial arts experience or combat sports training.  There are many benefits that people experience as a result of this type of training.  Some of the many benefits include being able to defend themselves/others, having increased confidence, and maintaining physical and mental strength.

Based on the available data, statistics show that the average human male is larger than the average human female, in terms of both height and weight.  This means that the “average” woman would already be at a size disadvantage if they were to be attacked by an “average” man.  It would be in every woman's best interest to have some sort of martial arts training, in order to possess the much needed self-defense technique and situational experience they provide. 

But how should women start their training process?  Where should they train?  What type of martial arts should they learn?  Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of this and more!

Starting the training process

While it will be helpful to be somewhat fit, it is not mandatory.  During training, not only will you learn effective self-defense techniques, but you will also get a very tough workout at the same time!  You are in constant motion, as well as in situations that will further develop and increase your functional strength. You’ll learn how to control both your own bodyweight and another person’s bodyweight, while they are actively resisting, and have the strength to do so as you progress in your training.

Where should you train and what discipline should you learn?

We believe that the most effective martial arts for self-defense are the following: BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga.  BJJ will help you understand the grappling game and how to work out of bad positions on the ground.  Muay Thai will teach you  the stand-up fighting game:  how to throw strikes and defend incoming attacks.  Mixed martial arts combines stand-up fighting with the ground game.  From a self defense perspective, this will give you great training for anywhere an altercation can take place – both standing up and on the floor.  Krav Maga was designed to be a simple yet effective form of martial arts that could be easily understood and applied on the battlefield by new military recruits in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).  They teach hand-to-hand fighting skills and basic close-quarters weapons defense.  We’ve written a more detailed article about this (linked at the end of this article), if you want to learn more.  

Finding a Gym

Choose the discipline you want to start in based on your self-defense needs.   You can always choose to add on more styles of training as you progress, but you would probably be better off developing a solid base in one before adding on another.

Once you figure out what practice you want to start in, the next step is finding a gym.  This can be done with a quick google search for martial arts gyms near you: “[MARTIAL ARTS DISCIPLINE] near me”.  Many gyms offer training for multiple disciplines so people can learn as much as they can. If you are interested in learning more than one type of martial arts, such as both BJJ and MMA, make sure you find a gym that offers both.  

In addition, more and more gyms are offering classes specifically for women and children.  If you have children, your kids can train with other kids their age.  If you are a woman looking for classes and want to work with other women or train in situations that are common in attacks against women, you may want to see if your nearby combat sports gym offers similar programs.

Tips for Getting Started

While it is not required to start, a good fitness base can be valuable.  Combat sports training involves a lot of movement.  Coming into the gym in good shape can’t hurt, it will only help.

On the other hand, if you feel that you aren’t in good enough shape to start your martial arts training, then respectfully, you are wrong.  Martial arts is for everyone – all levels of fitness and levels of experience are welcome to train.  Practitioners in the gym are not going to judge you for the shape you are in because they know that you are in the gym for the same reasons they are: to learn and to get better.

Starting something new on your own can be very intimidating, especially when it comes to combat sports.  While more women are starting to train, the number of men who train seems to still be a lot larger than the number of women who train.  If you don’t want to start alone, ask a friend to come with you.  Both of you may find it enjoyable to train with someone that you know and is in the same situation as you.

If you don’t have someone that can join you, do not panic.  Martial arts gyms are filled with some of the kindest, most helpful people you will ever meet.  These same people have incredible skills that they would love to teach you - all you have to do is ask!  Become a part of the gym community and make a positive addition to the gym environment.

Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Everyone in the gym will be more than willing to help you learn.

After your first class, try to stay as consistent as possible.  Make weekly schedules and try to stick to them.  Attempt to attend training multiple times a week, or as often as your schedule allows.  Quality repetition on a continuous basis is one of the most effective ways to improve your skills.

“The hardest part of getting started is getting started.”  Whether it’s fear of failure, the unknown, or something else, a big reason that many people put something off or never start is because of fear.  When you keep putting something off, you are subconsciously telling your mind that it is not that important.  Eventually, you’ll forget about it.  Don’t let this happen!

Once you start something, your body won’t even think about the fear you may have previously had, it will be too focused on the task at hand.  Start as soon as possible, the only regret you may have is not starting sooner.

Best martial arts for self-defense: 

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Thank you for reading - we hope to see you in training soon!


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