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MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

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  • One of the most versatile gloves
  • Performance Engineered Leather construction
  • Durasoft Impact Protection Foam
  • Secure Velcro Closure System


Sanabul essential 7 oz MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves are one of the most multifaceted and multipurpose gloves available in the market. When it comes to take mixed martial arts training, it is very important to have proper dressing including your outfit and gloves. You may want to learn these skills at its best and to achieve this; you will definitely need appropriate gloves to take the best practice with comfort and confidence.

Following are some advantages of using MMA Essential Sparring Gloves:

This glove is made out of high quality material which is durable and easy to clean.

This glove comes with innovative Velcro system for secure fitting and easy to put on or to take off.

Sanabul MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

These gloves are made with Performance Engineered leather construction for durability purpose.

These gloves can also be used for cardio kick boxing or mixed martial arts training.

Following are some Features of MMA Essential Sparring Gloves:

Sanabul MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

Protection & Padding: These gloves are padded very nicely around the knuckles area, the padding is about 1 inch, which serve as cushion for your knuckles for protection. It also has a nice curve which gives enough room for cushion for fingers to move while punching. These gloves also provide light padding on the wrist and thumb for protection. This glove has 3 stages of Velcro around your wrist which provides significant support and protection to your wrist and becomes easy to sparring without damaging your partner.

Sanabul MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

Comfort: These gloves are available in different sizes like small, medium, large and Xl. Depending on your size, you may order the gloves, make sure to buy the right size for free movement of palm and fingers for more comfort. Sometimes even buying a size up can provide more comfort; it is individual decision to choose own comfort level size.

Sanabul MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

Quality & Durability: These gloves are made of quality leather with excellent stitching and finishing, this makes it more durable. The knuckle area is padded and inside it is covered with synthetic material which is common in MMA gloves. The loops of fingers and thumb also placed securely with proper fitting, so no fear of detaching any of them. It is easy to clean and can last for a long time if it’s taken care properly.

Sanabul MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

Design: The design of this glove is very unique, comfortable and easy to use. Even it has padding but it does not look like a miniature pillow on your hand, you can easily move it, sparring it without any fear of damaging your training partner. The design, padding and loops for finger and thumb also make it best to use for your MMA training.

Sanabul MMA Essential Sparring Gloves 7 oz

The Sanabul essential 7oz MMA hybrid sparring gloves is perfect solution to your need and requirement. These gloves are great for mixed martial arts training. This can be used for grappling and striking purpose without changing the gloves, you can do seamless transition between the two. These gloves are best for protection of your wrist and it fits very securely with its Velcro system. This glove comes with very competitive price in the market and it’s worth every penny you spent

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