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PAW v.2 Gel Cross Training Handwrap Gloves

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  • Sanabul PAW v2 Cross Training gloves are great for mixed martial arts training 
  • Extra Grip for gym equipment and pull up bars
  • Extra-long wrist protection. Extra-long strap that makes it possible to double wrap around the wrist
  • They allow easy and quick transition

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Sanabul Paw v2 MMA Cross Training Gloves Gloves

Sometimes confidence and trust in your cross-training gloves are all you need to arouse your sports training spirit. Cross training is participating in multiple sports different from your usual sport as an athlete.  Some of the most popular activities for cross training are weight lifting and kickboxing among others. These sports can be risky for your wrist. Training without proper equipment can expose your hands to debilitating injuries.

Say no to calluses and blisters with the premium look Sanabul stylishly designed cross training gloves. Available in a variety of size, version, and color the Sanabul cross training gloves can come in handy for most sports. You can use these gloves as Cross Training Gloves, for circuit training, as MMA gloves, and as boxing gloves.

Sanabul cross training gloves are constructed using a neoprene material. This material is popular for its ability to dry up super-fast preventing any moisture buildup that may contribute to bacteria or a fast wear and tear for your gloves. This material is also machine washable which makes the gloves easy to clean and use.

The most important task for cross training gloves is the protection of your knuckles and wrist. Sanabul cross training feature a Santec Heavy Gel Padding which offers optimum protection for your knuckles to cushion them from injury. The extra-long double wrist strap feature further enhances wrist protection ensuring they are protected from every enemy that may come from any direction.

These gloves have anti-slip silicon on the palm. This improves grip when lifting weights or holding iron bars.

Glove size is generally determined by measuring the circumference around the hand (across the knuckles). For our gloves, sizing is done as follows:
Size -- -- Hand Size
X-Small -- -- 7.5" and under (PREFERABLE SIZE FOR WOMEN)
Small -- -- 7" - 7.5" (PREFERABLE SIZE FOR WOMEN)
Medium -- -- 8" - 9"
Large / X-Large -- -- 9" - 12"


Advantages of Sanabul Cross Training Gloves

  • Multifunctional: These gloves can be used for various purposes including cross training, MMA training, boxing and circuit training. In whatever circumstance they are put in use, the cross training gloves will always deliver the best results.
  • Extra Grip for gym equipment and pull up bars: During the last minutes of training, the hands tend to become weak. The Sanabul cross training gloves ensures that your grip is reinforced so that you don’t succumb to any type of injury.
  • Extra-long wrist protection: The Sanabul cross training gloves feature an extra-long strap that makes it possible to double wrap around the wrist. Due to this feature, they can be used for technical training purposes with an extra couch pads addition.
  • They allow easy and quick transition: These gloves have been designed for multiple purposes and because of this are capable of quick transition between weight training, push-ups, and pull-ups and punching.
  • Comfortable Fit: The Sanabul cross training gloves have been made using a breathable neoprene material. This material is also soft and comfortable for the skin and therefore keeps the hands dry and free from sores and calluses.


The Sanabul cross training gloves with enhanced grip come in different sizes and can be used by both women and men. They are ideal for versatile uses like standard cross training, powerlifting workouts, rope climbing and lots of other sports or excesses both indoors and outdoors.

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