A capsule created to pay tribute to one of the most significant space exploration initiatives in human history, NASA

NASA is the ultimate symbol of bold exploration, excellence, and perseverance. Paying tribute to NASA with the Sanabul Space Collection is something we feel compelled to do. For generations NASA has inspired hope and unity among Americans and the world. NASA is an enormous symbol of exploration, excellence, and perseverance. Combat sports and NASA are both driven by the “you think I can’t? Watch me! Attitude. A NASA inspired collection makes perfect sense.

The rigorous physical conditioning demanded of astronauts is the most obvious link between NASA and athletes. Possibly more meaningful though is the connection of the shared mission, commitment to the daily grind in order to achieve what many believe to be impossible. Exploring ourselves and the limits of human capability with laser like focus on doing what has never been done before.

Whether our goal is getting stronger, landing on Mars, or becoming a pro fighter the journey starts the same. We have to believe it is possible despite all the doubts! We train every day like we are going to succeed, even when odds are against us. We plan, we dream and we travel far beyond established boundaries into the uncharted territories of the human mind and the galaxy! At the same time we are both tiny in the scale of the cosmos and enormous in our ability and effort. Thats why space exploration and fitness go hand in hand.

The Products

NASA Jiu Jitsu Space Gi



NASA Kids Jiu Jitsu Space Gi



NASA Hold-All Space Explorer Bag



Space Collection Boxing Gloves