How to tie your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt

Having trouble tying your Jiu Jitsu belt?  This quick-read will teach you how to tie your belt using the Standard Knot:

The Standard Knot

Find the middle of the belt.  This can be done by taking both ends of the belt and putting them together (make sure there are no twists in the belt when this is done).  The middle of the belt will be located on the opposite side of the connected tails.

Close your gi; put your left lapel over your right (your right lapel will be folded over your body first, followed by the left side).

Place the center of the belt below your belly button.

Wrap the belt behind your back, again making sure that there are no twists in the belt.  Once the belt is wrapped behind your back, bring the ends of the belt back to the front (center of the belt).

Take the two tails of the belt and cross them over.  One tail will loop over and under both layers of the belt around the waist (still in front, under the belly button).  Tighten the belt by pulling the belt ends away from your belly button.

The tail that is higher will go over and under the low tail, forming the knot of the belt.

Tighten the belt and you’re set to roll!


Thank you for reading - we hope this guide helped you to tie the Standard Knot!

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