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Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rash Guard

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  • Graduated compression in the arms and upper torso for improved blood flow throughout muscles
  • Fully sublimated
  • Antimicrobial treatment to help reduce bacterial and fungal growth
  • UV SPF 50 protection 
  • Flat lock stitching prevents irritation or chafing of skin from the seams of the rash guard

Sanabul Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

This rash guard ensures enhanced performance to the wearer. The sublimated features and nature of the rash guard provide all the necessary tools for advantageous use. Whether you are using this rash guard for surfing or Jiu Jitsu, you are going to be getting the best value for your money.


Graduated compression:

The upper torso and long arms of this rash guard have graduated compression features. This is necessary to improve blood flow through the muscles as the wearer moves about wearing this rash guard.

Sanabul Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

Antimicrobial treatment:

This rash guard is antimicrobial treated to to reduce bacterial and fungal growth. This is an extremely helpful feature for a rash guard seeing that users usually have team mates during activities and infections can be passed on easily. The ability of this rash guard to protect against such threats is a big reason to choose it for all your rigorous activities. You don’t have to worry about bacteria or fungus while surfing with your team mates or performing other types of exercise. This antimicrobial treatment will also extend and preserve the life span of the rash guard. With more long lasting use and exquisitely designed features, this rash guard is the right pick for you.

Sanabul Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

Flat lock stitching:

The neatly finished rash guard is done so by using flat lock method of stitching. Since your rash guard is going to hug closer than a best friend, it is important that all elements to cause excess friction with the skin and lead to other problems are eliminated. This stitching method is flat, like the name implies, and will not cause any irritation to the skin. There is no chaffing caused to the skin because of the proper use of the flat lock stitching method.

UV SPF 50 protection:

When you want to wear your rash guard for an outdoor activity during the day, you don’t need any extra protection form UV rays because this rash guard has that. The sun is good for the skin and has its benefits but when there is lengthy exposure, your skin faces the risk of getting damaged. This combat compression rash guard, will protect you at up to SPF 50 capacity from the damaging effects of direct sunlight. You can go surfing all day with your friends and not bother about bringing extra protection.

Sanabul Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

Fully sublimated:

this rash guard is ready for use by the modern day active person. All the parts of this cloth have been modified to look good and feel good. The looks of the rash guard sets it apart from competitors as it focuses on enhancing the little details and providing a well fitting futuristic look to the wearer this rash guard is not only appealing to the eyes, it is also well equipped with futuristic features to assist the modern day user achieve his activities.

Sanabul Myo Long Sleeve Compression Rashguard

Every feature and detail of design is professionally put together to bring you an enjoyable use with this rash guard. If you are looking for a good rash guard, this is the best and you will be having a great time in all your activities when you use it.

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