Boxing Gloves

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  • Hand crafted 14 oz size with Aztec inspired designing
  • Made of organic, sustainable vegan-friendly leather
  • Outer material is breathable and UV/Cold Crack resistant
  • High end, Professional Grade fit and padding
  • Limited Release

  • The status quo of women’s boxing gloves typically includes bright pink or purple variations of gloves designed for men. We’re here to change that
  • Far from boring, our women’s boxing gloves have an eye-catching pastel color palette only found within our brand. The outer material features a sleek, yet sophisticated, design with a matte-finish, making these gloves truly one of a kind
  • Just because we created a fashion forward boxing glove doesn’t mean we cut any corners. These gloves feature the same high quality craftsmanship, performance and durability that you expect from us


  • Limited Edition Star Wars Sticker Bomb Boxing Gloves
  • Available in 8 oz , 12 oz , 14 oz  
  • 3 limited edition designs
  • Performance fabric outer material (non-leather/synthetic)
Meticulously designed with impactful styling throughout. From the unmistakable colors and patterns to the Aurebesh text detailing, these gloves have been thoughtfully crafted to appeal to even the most discerning Star Wars fans. Pulling no punches, these gloves have been crafted with the same unmatched Sanabul performance and build-quality that thousands of professionals rely on in the ring. With gloves inspired by characters from both the Light and Dark side of the force, the choice is yours to make.  #starwars #sanabul
  • A limited edition collection of boxing gloves designed for those who are intrigued and inspired by space exploration. The capsule includes two unique designs with additional details on the inside and outside of the gloves
  • Premium matte-finish engineered (synthetic) outer material
  • Hook & Loop wrist closure
  • Performance inner lining
  • Available in two designs:
Mars Explorer: Inspired by the twin rovers, ‘Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’ were sent to find out more about the red planet. The gloves feature an orange and blue color scheme along with rover specs, dates, and landing sites of the two missions


Lunar Landing: A tribute to the historic Apollo 11 mission that first landed humans on the moon. The gloves feature a black and white design scheme with important mission details and spacecraft specs.

  • Just What You Need: For those ready to start off on the right foot, Sanabul Essentials Gloves set the bar for quality gloves with incredible value. More than just starter gloves, Essentials pack features that other gloves charge a premium for.  
  • Modern Design: Engineered Leather gives these gloves a classic look that’s easier to maintain than traditional gloves. Our mesh palms will help your hands release heat while working.
  • A Brand For Champions: Whether it’s the clean, Sanbul look, or the professional quality, you’ll see the Sanabul name on many professional athletes. From hall of famers like Micheal Bisping, to hot prospects like “Sugar” Sean O’Malley.  
  • Gel Impact Protection Foam: Gel foam underneath the lining absorbs the big punches better and will get you through the toughest rounds.
  • The Perfect Fit: These gloves will feel good from your first session until your last. Longitudinal arch design ensures a natural fit and our hook and loop closure system keeps them snug and secured. 
$39.99 $29.99
  • What’s In Your Core? When you’re ready to test what’s inside, Sanabul has the gloves for you. Our Core Series is for experienced athletes who know what they want out of their equipment.  
  • From Casuals, To Champions: Whether you’re in the gym three nights a week, or training for a title shot. Sanabul is the glove for those pursuing greatness, like NABO Boxing Champion Mike Lee, or UFC standout Alan Jouban.
  • Hardcore Protection: Glove weight is only part or protecting your hands. We infuse our Core Boxing gloves with special gel foam that absorb impact without giving you the “bounceback” effect of regular gloves.
  • It’s All In The Details: More than starter gloves, our Core Series has the details that pros will notice. Longitudinal Arch Design, a mesh pattern on the palms, and a special Core X closure system means the difference between basic and premium.
$39.99 From $25.99